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6 Principles For Successful Communication and Ways of Addressing them in Mars4

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Finally, fulfilled your childhood dream of owning a piece of land and becoming a Martian; what’s next? How can you actively contribute to getting people to own a piece of land on Mars? Here are a few ways. Keep reading to find out!

How is this possible?

The Mars4 Project enables people to actually invest and buy land plots using the MARS4 tokens. Yes, that’s right, now owning a plot is made convenient by purchasing these NFTs. Did you know that the planet is divided, giving different people a chance to get a unique land for themselves? Owning this unique NFT means owning an extraordinary land on Mars, all because of Mars4.

6 Effective Ways of Communication in Mars4

  1. Twitter can be your Go-to: Twitter is a fun place where you’ll find a massive amount of people looking for creative ways to invest. Communicating with the users there and actively spreading the word about Mars4, you’ll need the interaction and support of quite a few people to make the project a significant hit.

  2. Discord is the Perfect Platform: Having discord links is effective-immediate. Did you know that crypto and NFT enthusiasts from their thirteens actively communicate with each other on Discord? That’s right; it’s an app that people use to talk about finance, art projects, and trips too! So, make excellent use of this and talk about Mars4. This app helps you get personal, which goes a long way rather than just posting promotional links.

  3. Usage of your Channels: The Mars4 project could flow very naturally into the content of the NFT lover, for example, on Social Media, so promote and make it a hit just like you would do on your own. The Mars4 website lets people know how you can choose your site to purchase, how to get your hands on NFTs in detail, and how people will get on board.

  4. Of course, Medium is a fantastic place to connect like-minded people in fields ranging from art to technology, mindfulness to crypto, or NFT! On this platform, you can start powerful conversations, raise a discussion under your article. Let the NFT fans hear about Mars4 or, even better, know everything about this project and the opportunities behind it and share their insights! Not all Medium users are NFT enthusiasts, but all the NFT enthusiasts can be found reading Medium — remember that!

  5. Conversing is the Best Way to Communicate: One of the easiest ways to promote is to talk about it. Talk about the NFT’s in discussions on Twitter or by conducting live sessions. Go to Discord, gather people, pitch them your NFT, stream events, and create group chats on Telegram. So everyone keeps talking about Mars4 all around you. Keep the chatter, this will increase people’s interest in Mars4 NFT, meaning more purchases and increasing value of these NFTs, meaning the higher value of your Mars land plots!

  6. Collaborating does Wonders! That’s right; Collabs are a classic way quite a few people promote their work and skills. After establishing that you are an enthusiast in the Mars4 NFT world, reach out to other NFT experts or fans who may have the perfect audience for the message you want to share. Find a way to share your word with the assistance of those you’re seen on social media or other virtual platforms. This may end up potential opening buyers who would also join the Martians!


If you focus on all of these practical ways of communicating your NFTs and getting it out there, you’ll see the interest for sure. People will end up talking about Mars4, and it may become the next big hit. Just know your market and know who you’re talking to; the right people will swim right in. Every day is a new day in the world of NFTs.

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