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Benefits to Owning Mars4 Land: Earn and Be a Part of the Community

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

It sounds thrilling to own land on Mars, but is that all that there is for landlords of Mars4 plots? You get a certificate you can proudly hang on your wall but there is more to Mars4 lands than just ownership.

Owning Mars4 land comes with many benefits - most of which are financial. This article will take a closer look at what it means to be a Mars4 landowner.

Mars4 offers more than just regular NFTs - Mars4 NFTs are interactive. You will be able to interact with your land plot as soon as the game comes out. Have you ever dreamed of exploring Mars? Mars4 game will give you just that: as a player, you will be immersed in the survival and exploration of the harsh Martian environment. Mars4 is being developed to adhere to the real Red Planet to give the best experience to players and landowners with the core goal of making the game fun and enjoyable.

But that is not all, Mars4 will also be a Play to Earn game, meaning that you could potentially earn just by playing the game. You will be able to gather resources from your land plot, sell or trade them, and make a profit in return. If you do not want to play the game, but own land, you can assign a land manager who will manage the in-game asset for you: that way you would earn passive income.

That is not the only way to make passive income on Mars4. As a landowner, you will be generating passive income because of the community pool.

The community pool is a tool for distributing money and allowing investors to profit. Every transaction in the Mars4 ecosystem adds a percentage of its value to the community pool. Landowners can vote to distribute its contents to investors - NFT holders. For more details on the community pool and how it works, see the whitepaper.

With Mars4 NFTs, the scarcity principle is also at work: less land out there means higher prices. In total, there are only 99,888 lands available and more than half of them are already sold.

The price of Mars4 NFTs will also be affected by the game and its community. People will gather together and create sprawling habitats, cooperate together and compete economically as they come to thrive on Mars. With the Mars4 dollar as the sole currency within the game, this will enable players to involve themselves at all levels in the long run, creating future landowners and generating demand for their own NFT lands.

This, of course, is beneficial to those who will want to sell their lands. But keep in mind that you will have an option to rent out your NFTs, either wholly or in parts.

Mars4 benefits extend beyond just financial.

Mars4 is based on Ethereum, so your NFTs are safe on the blockchain. No one can falsify your ownership, take away your land plot - not even us. In addition, Mars4 will soon become a multichain project with bridging on Binance Smart Chain, or BSC.

To enhance the user experience, Mars4 dollar is being listed on BSC based decentralized finance (DeFi). Since BSC allows more transactions per second than Ethereum, the gas fees for transactions on PancakeSwap are lower.

You can already purchase Mars4 dollars on SushiSwap, Bittrex, Mexc. On SushiSwap you can even stake your tokens to earn passive income.

Mars4 has also been approved by Binance NFT.

We talked about community a bit, but did you know that Mars4 will be a DAO? DAO or decentralized autonomous organization which are organizations where every member has a vote - not just the CEO or any other central government. Owning land will give you the right to vote, so every decision on Mars will be made by our community. You will be able to change the course of action Mars takes.

We already have an active community on Discord and Telegram for landowners. You will receive the freshest news first, get to see the trailers, VR experience and much more. We also have fun quizzes for landowners on Discord. Participate to win prizes!

Look around Mars4 to find the perfect spot for you here.

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