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Earn Passive Income From Investing In Mars4

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Many financial experts recommend diversifying and having more than one source of income. It gives you flexibility and freedom: if one fails, you have another. But let's face it, it is not easy: time is limited, and you probably have hobbies that you do not want to sacrifice to obtain additional cash. Life is not only about chasing money after all, is it?

This is where investment comes in handy: you make your money work for you. Instead of locking them in a bank account (or worse, in a sock), you employ them to earn passive income. After all, currencies, even if they are quite stable, can lose their value. Everything becomes more expensive every day, and your locked funds would not get you much in the future if you left them unused. You can not just let your funds sit idly, you have to make sure you are earning passive income from your savings by investing.

If you have never tried investing before, it might seem daunting at first. There are many projects to choose from, especially if you set your eyes on the crypto world. With NFTs booming, you have many options as there are countless projects that all claim you will be able to earn from them.

The problem with NFT projects is how people earn from them: you obtain an NFT, wait, and sell it for a higher price. This can not be guaranteed as the prices fluctuate, and the project you invest in might not attract buyers. Mars4 is also an NFT project but the team have developed a few ways investors can earn from it even without selling NFTs. This makes Mars4 unique as the main goal is to create a profitable platform for its users that offers more than just trading NFTs.

There are ways you can earn from Mars4 actively (such as playing the game) but this article will not delve into those ways. This article aims to give you a deeper understanding of how you can earn from Mars passively.

Mars4: Invest in revenue-generating NFT

The simplest way to earn from Mars4 is to purchase a Mars NFT and hold onto it. The Mars4 team has integrated the community pool system into NFTs to let investors earn passive income.

The community pool is a revenue distribution tool. Every time a transaction happens on the Mars4 ecosystem, a part of it goes into the community pool which landowners can open up and distribute all of its contents to investors. To get more information about the community pool and how it works refer to the whitepaper.

Ready to start your Mars journey? Explore virtual Mars to pick your spot.

The scarcity principle: Mars4 has limited lands

Prices of Mars4 NFTs can increase after all of them are sold out. Mars4 will be releasing a game where players will be able to explore their land plot, gather resources from it, build upon it, and much more. This should increase the demand for the Mars NFT as more people will want to have an interactive NFT. Not only that, Mars4 will be a play-to-earn game where landowners will be earning the most as they will have more tools to monetize their time spent, efforts and skills.

As your Mars NFT becomes more expensive, you can sell. You can invest in Mars NFTs now as they are already available for purchase, but keep in mind that more NFTs will come out soon.

With the Mars Command and Control panel that comes out in Q2 2022, you will have more NFTs to choose from. You will be able to get various in-game tools, as well as cosmetic items. Their prices are bound to grow as the community expands and more people join the project. The game is not released yet, but the first playable version will be available this Spring as well.

Earn from the game without playing it

The biggest attraction to Mars4 is the upcoming play-to-earn game that will allow regular players to earn from their invested time in the game. Landowners will be able to profit from various in-game sources: both passively and actively. In this section, we will look at ways an investor can earn from their Mars NFTs passively from the game. Keep in mind that there is more to come as the team behind the project is still working to provide many ways for early investors to profit.

All transactions that will happen on your land will be taxed. If your land plot becomes a famous attraction, you can easily collect taxes from players as they enjoy the Mars metaverse. The more terraformed and unique your land is, the more income you get. You do not even have to terraform it yourself because land managers can do that for you.

If you do not wish to play the game, you can rent out your lands to land managers. By playing on it, they will share their earnings with you. That way you can benefit financially from having a Mars NFT without much effort.

Stake your tokens to get rewards

Staking is known in the crypto community as a great way to earn without much effort. You put your tokens to stake and earn rewards in return. During the staking period, your tokens are locked and you can not use them to trade or pay. You can choose various periods, but the longer you stake, the bigger your reward. In other words, all you have to do is to start staking and wait for your rewards. To learn how it works in more depth, you can read this article about staking.

Like with many other cryptocurrencies, MARS4 dollars can be staked. Currently, you can start staking on our staking page or go to SushiSwap if that is your choice of exchange. This is a great way to earn from the Mars4 project if you have not invested in Mars NFTs yet.

Instructions on how to start staking on our website are in this article.

If you want to start staking on SushiSwap, you can watch this video.


The Mars4 project has two aims: to give users a fun and exciting experience on the virtual Mars metaverse and provide players and investors tools they can use to earn money. You can earn from Mars NFTs passively both from the community pool and the upcoming game. You can also employ your tokens by staking which will give you rewards without much effort. The team behind the project is always looking for ways the community can profit, so get ready to fly to Mars by joining the Telegram and Discord channels.

If you want to know more about Mars4 and get the freshest news first, consider subscribing to the Mars newsletter!

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