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Ethan's Letter: Mars Stands For Peace On Earth

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

It's been a tough week, again. Business as usual you could say: surviving on Mars requires so much effort. Dust storms come, equipment breaks down, but you know all about that. The nature of Mars is harsh and unwelcoming but Mars is peaceful. For now.

There has not been war on Mars yet. No humans, no war, simple as that. But soon colonists will start arriving on the Red Planet. I am excited but scared: what if the lessons of Earth will not be learned and we will destroy Mars too? There is no Planet C.

I wait for people to arrive on Mars: only with strong cooperation will we manage to survive here. We have to walk hand in hand, gather into habitats, and work together. We are strong when we are united.

I hear about wars on Earth all the time. They never stopped - although we, humans, claim to have learned the lesson. There is even the famous saying: history repeats itself. But it is not history, it is we who start wars. I have no other words, as it is too painful to see the Earth being destroyed, people divided, lives lost. Whatever I say might not stop it. But we have to do something before it is too late.

Mars4 supports the initiative by the communication agency Fabula: Rud Pedersen Group, NFTs 4 Peace. Fabula has launched an NFT collection of artwork made by various artists supporting Ukraine during these hard times. These pieces of art were collected by Fabula and released as NFTs to raise funds for Ukraine. You can get your NFT 4 Peace on OpenSea to show your support for people in need. All the funds collected from NFTs 4 Peace sales will be transferred to the Ukraine Government.

Mars metaverse is all about peace and welcomes everyone to join the world of fun and adventure. I hope we can all live in harmony here, as Mars is a war-free zone.

Stay safe,


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