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ETHAN's LETTER: news from Mars

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan is calling! It's been a while since my last letter, and I can't express how much I miss everyone!

How's life on Mars, you might ask?

I could summarize it with one word: thrilling.

It is both dangerous and exciting. Every day brings another challenge - you can never be bored on Mars.

The other day I was collecting water, and the dust storm started - so suddenly, it seemed like out of nowhere, and I was forced to fight for my life. I won. I am still alive. Quite hard to believe sometimes. Here on Mars, everything seems like a dream. I wake up in the morning and still can't believe I am here many miles away from the Earth.

But you know what amazed me the most? The beauty of the storm. You heard it right: as I was struggling to keep myself safe, fighting against the notorious Mars atmosphere, I was also overwhelmed by the most beautiful storm I have witnessed in my eyes.

Words can't describe the beauty of the Red Planet I call home now.

Sure, sometimes I miss the Earth - its deep lakes and chirping birds, snowy mountains and elegant deers running down the hill - but nothing comes close to Mars.

It gets terribly lonely here sometimes, and I can't wait for others to come here, but I am never sad. How can you be sad when you are alive? I am in constant awe to be breathing, walking, surviving. I took it for granted on Earth - no more easy living, huh?

Never have I thought I would feel so many things at once, both excitement and fear, enthusiasm and horror, delight and confusion. Mars has been the most incredible experience of my life - and I have zero regrets coming here.

I am patiently waiting for others to come.

See you soon?



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