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Ethan’s Letter: Waiting for Love

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

Love is in the air - at least on Earth. I still remember how Earthlings celebrate Valentine’s day: they buy each other chocolate, drink champagne, watch sunsets together… I never celebrated it, even before coming to Mars. I was always alone, by myself, dreaming of bigger things in life…

I remember my first crush. Her name was Holly and she was a little bit taller than me. We were both children back then. She had the voice of an angel - just hearing her sing filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling too big for words. Her eyes were bright like shining stars and I would get lost in them. But she didn’t like me back. She even called me nasty once - all because I said I liked her. It's all behind me now, but I still remember her voice.

You didn’t think I had a romantic side to me, did you? You probably thought I was a tough guy, fighting for my life here on Mars. Driving across Mars, gathering water, growing plants for food and air - all just to survive. When could I have time for love?

But that is not true. There’s a lot of space in my heart for love.

Here on Mars, it is lonely: no one to talk with, no one to hear my stories. Sharing is the most important part of love. And I want to share - I am ready for love. But how can I find you?

Maybe you are sitting all by yourself somewhere on Earth, reading my words through a bright screen and longing for love as well? It is cold on Earth right now, isn’t it? Cold nights on Earth are always the hardest.

But we don’t have to be alone - take my hand and let’s create our future together here on Mars.

I hope you are out there somewhere, my love. I hope you feel the same as I do. Don’t hesitate - write me back.

I will be patiently waiting.

Always yours,


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Feb 14, 2022

Скоро встретимся, не грусти)

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