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Get Yourself a Martian Passport: Earn Money on Mars!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Ever dreamed of being a Martian? If you have any land on Mars, you can call yourself that! Proudly hang your certificate of ownership on your wall and wait: soon you will be able to walk on your land plot. Are you ready to explore Mars?

If you wish to become a landowner, it is easy to do so: visit our virtual Mars and pick your favorite spot for your future. More than half of the lands are already sold, so hurry up to secure your pick!

The best thing about owning a land plot is that there is money on Mars, and you can get a piece of it. Want to know how? Read further and prepare yourself to get big bucks!

The easiest way to earn from land is to purchase a land plot and generate your own passive income. That is right - Mars4 NFTs generate income without any effort from you! This is possible because of the community pool.

The community pool is a tool that collects a part of Mars4 revenue and sets it aside for the community. For example, every time someone buys land, 20% of the income goes into the community pool. Later on, landowners can open up the community pool to distribute its contents to the investors - Mars4 NFTs holders.

Gaming and earning from it might sound like a dream but with Mars4 it is more than possible. Mars4 will be a survival game where players will struggle against the harsh realities of Mars earning money in the process. As a landowner, you can simply gather resources from the ground and sell them to other players who will need them to survive. Build your dream stations on Mars, terraform your land and increase its value in the process.

If you are not interested in gaming, you can simply assign land managers to develop and handle your in-game lands. They will do all the work, thus generating more passive income for you. Not only that, every transaction on Mars will collect fees - and if the transaction happens on your land, the fees will be transferred to you!

The Mars4 project is growing fast. We have just released the first game demo for landowners to try. Not only that, we released a staking program to give our community more ways to earn from Mars. Keep in mind that Mars4 will also be a metaverse - and KuCoin already wants to have its office on Mars! If you want to be a part of the future we are building - you can now do it easily by purchasing yourself a land plot while we still have them priced so low.

See you soon on Mars!

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