How to make money with NFTs for Beginners

Investors are always looking for new, innovative ways to acquire income. With many of them turning to cryptocurrency, it has become quite common to see investments in Bitcoin and other cryptos. Now there is a new player in the blockchain world: NFTs.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are tokens based on blockchain that are unique and can't be replaced.

For example, if you have a $10 banknote, and your friend wants to trade it for another $10 banknote, nothing changes if you accept: you still have $10. Your new banknote might have some cosmetic differences (wear and tear etc.) but is otherwise functionally identical. If the dollar price drops, it drops for both banknotes - that is because banknotes are fungible, meaning that each instance of it is interchangeable and not unique.

Non-fungibility means that if you exchange two NFTs, you will end up with a unique and distinctly separate item. If they both were worth $10 at the beginning of the transaction, the price could change independently.

NFTs create a shortage where assets have an unlimited supply: the gif you send your friend minted on the blockchain becomes unique. This uniqueness is understood through ownership: only one person can own the blockchain version of the gif.

This notion of uniqueness is useful for art in the digital world: now you can purchase limited artworks digitally and prove that it belongs only to you.

NFTs are positioned as an excellent investment. More and more people are purchasing them: you probably have heard a lot about them lately and wondered, is it worth it?

This article will show you ways to earn income from Mars4 land plot NFTs.

Scarcity principle

The most obvious way to earn from NFTs is to mint and hold them until the price rises. Since the supply of Mars4 NFTs is fixed (there are only 99,888 land plots available), the scarcity principle is at work: the fewer lands are out there, the more expensive they are.

Currently, more than half of the NFTs are already sold and soon we will reach the 2nd Epoch which will increase the land plots prices. More on Epochs in the next section.

Passive income

Mars4 NFTs generate passive income. Mars4 sales are divided into Epochs. Every Epoch holds 10 000 NFTs - after these are sold, the Epoch ends and the revenue generated is distributed to the NFT owners from the previous Epoch.

You can accumulate quite a hefty sum in the process as there are 5 Epochs in total, especially since we are still in the 1st Epoch. This mechanism makes Mars4 NFTs unique in the NFT market.

Interactive NFT: Play to Earn game

Passive income is not the only feature that makes Mars4 special. Mars4 will also be releasing a Play to Earn game. In this game, you will be able to explore your land plot NFT. But do not expect a laidback game: you will have to fight for your life. How else? It is Mars and nothing comes easy on it. Your efforts will not go to waste: you will be earning Mars4 dollars as you play the game, a token that functions as both the game’s sole currency and as a freely tradeable cryptocurrency.

There will be quite a few ways to earn money from the game.

Let us give you one example. Every player will need various resources to survive, such as water, oxygen, food. As a landlord, you will be able to gather resources from your land to sell them to other players or even rent out the land to players for them to develop.

If you are not interested in playing the game at all and still would like to earn from the game, it will be possible to assign land managers who will manage your lands for you - this way you will get a share in their earnings.

The release of the game should also increase the price of NFTs - more people will want to have an interactive NFT they can explore and terraform. Not only that, the game should be all about the community which should raise NFTs prices: people will gather into habitats, survive and work together. Not only that but Mars4 will be a DAO, decentralized autonomous organisation where NFT owners will have voting rights.

These are the main three ways to earn money from Mars4 NFTs. Keep in mind our team is working on the project, and we may offer more ways to profit.

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