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Mars4: Bullionaire Lore

Bullionaire is an example of human ingenuity and stubbornness in robotic form. When Earth’s ecological systems entered freefall, a great many species did not transition well to the new normal.

This is naturally a euphemism for ‘the situation turned very poor, exceedingly quickly.’

A bullionaire and a colonist on the Mars surface

However, it is not in mankind’s nature to simply shrug shoulders and say ‘we did what we could.’ At great expense, the United Nations took charge of the global political situation and turned mankind’s efforts towards survival. The dream of a future in the early days following the twin Struggles was simply ensuring the survival of mankind.

With the rise of the arcologies of Earth came the fall of many species that were no longer able to survive the conditions beyond the curtain walls.

When mankind turned their eyes to Mars and hope became a public good, there existed a chance to rebuild the past. Bullionaire and their kin are one such example, a curious mixture of nostalgia and rejection of Earth’s environmental collapse.

Amidst the goods shipped to Mars to benefit the colonists, a new species of robotic companion was included, the humble cow born again. Bullionaire is powered by micro-reactors and can provide colonists an amicable companion who will tirelessly assist them at the task of survival. Their construction allows them to bear the weight of additional goods without complaint, a useful tool for colonists that roam the surface on foot.

Additionally, Bullionaire is able to provide the men and women of the Mars Control Center a benefit in the form of increased productivity and value.

A bullionaire and a colonist on the Mars surface looking at the horizon

While Earth may bemoan the loss of the past, Mars sees Bullionaire and his ilk as proof positive that mankind can always do more.

Let opportunity and hope drive your efforts on the Red Planet and usher in a new kind of Bull.

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