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Mars4 Goes DAO: The Beginning

From the beginning of the project, Mars4 was set to become a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization. As of now, the Mars4 DAO is in the early stages, meaning users can already participate in the project's governance processes.

Mars4 DAO

Building the Mars4 DAO: Slow and Steady

Although DAOs are widespread in the blockchain community, each project has its own operating model as there is no formula for an ideal DAO. Every team must consider factors such as the project's community size and their willingness to participate, the potential for malicious proposals and the process that will be used to carry out approved proposals. The Mars4 DAO creation is no exception.

Mars4 is taking small steps toward the goal of creating a full-fledged DAO. Along the road, the team will be able to gather additional information and develop a workable plan that is optimal for the Mars4 Metaverse project.

The Mars4 DAO: Already Live on Discord!

The first phase of the Mars4 DAO has started on the dedicated Discord channel that was created by adding all verified landowners to it. Landowners have been promised to be a part of the Mars4 DAO in the beginning, thus the first phase includes them only. In the future, the Mars4 DAO is likely to include more community members (such as vehicle NFT owners) as the voting and proposal procedures are still being fleshed out.

There are currently three propositions up for a vote. The community provided all of the ideas behind the proposals, either directly or through feedback - we only structured them and added comments to give a fuller picture. If you want to participate in DAO by bringing up an issue, you could look at these proposals as examples to learn what information is required.

The List of the First Mars4 DAO Proposals

1st idea: Lower the exploration costs for the classic vehicle NFTs


Product development.

Detailed explanation:

Lower the exploration price for classic vehicle NFTs from 12000 $Mars4 to 3300 $Mars4.


Classic vehicle NFTs serve as an entry point due to their low price. A lengthy exploration time is not a significant disadvantage for a landowner who owns just a few land plots.

The exploration costs add unnecessary pressure on the landowners and make the classic a more expensive alternative in the end.

By lowering the exploration price costs, classic vehicle NFTs become more attractive for investors, landowners and players. Cons: Other vehicles will get less attractive. The community pool will receive less income as fewer transactions will be made.

Proposed by: User interviews


2nd idea: Create a platform that allows generating Mars4-inspired avatars



Detailed explanation:

Create a platform on the Mars4 website that allows the community to upload photos of themselves and generate avatars. These avatars could be similar to the Mars4 team’s pictures (with space suits).


Using Mars4 avatars on various social websites would raise brand awareness and welcome new people to join the game. If we’ll do it in the most simple way, the community will have the ability to get a customized avatar in a few easy steps: upload your own photo → download it → use it anywhere you like.

Cons: The community might be reluctant to use it, which, in turn, would not grow brand awareness. Even with a simple premise, the execution will require coding, thus it will burn a lot of time and resources. It would delay other tasks and might not get recognized.

Proposed by: ciceroo


3rd idea: Create an elevator



Detailed explanation:

Integrate elevators that anyone could build into the game.


The community has been creating high buildings and an elevator would help players to move around. Cons: Estimate 1 to 3 weeks of additional unplanned development which would delay the next milestones.

*This is a quick estimate if this vote progresses gamedev will circle back around and provide a clearer estimate with a clear functionality proposal.

Proposed by: LeonidNik1 |Mars4_FAN| LandOwner

How to Participate in the Mars4 DAO?

You have to be a landowner to vote on Discord.

If you have at least one land NFT in your wallet and have not verified yourself on Discord, go to the #│land-owner-verification channel that is under the Community section. After successfully connecting, you will be granted the "NFT Land Owner" role allowing you to access private channels for landowners together with the DAO voting channel.

The voting period will begin on September 20th and run for two weeks.

While Discord is likely to continue to play a significant role in the Mars4 DAO (for discussions, for example), later on, you can anticipate it to expand and get a dedicated page on the official Mars4 website.

Want to start building the Mars4 project? Buy yourself a land plot on Mars4 with 30 percent off.

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