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MARS4 METAVERSE: Brings Dreams Closer

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Here at Mars4, we are eager to share information about our upcoming game. We hope you'll be able to share in our passion for this project, so let's get into it!

Let us start with the basics. Mars4 will be a survival game where players fight against the harsh and unwelcoming environment on Mars. But, the good news is that it is possible to live on Mars and, with some effort, even thrive.

Players will gather together into colonies and work with one accord, their shared goal, to endure the dangerous Martian environment and profit from it. Survive and earn - that is the essence of the game.

Every colonist will pick a role. With every role comes a different set of skills and operations related to it. Choose wisely because training skills take a lot of time, although you could potentially mix and match any role. Cooperation will be extremely valuable in the Mars4 game since all functions will be needed for harmonious life on Mars.

For example, let us look at the geologist and minor roles. Geologists analyse the environment and locate resources on the land plot, but habitats will need miners to mine the resources from the land plots and drivers too: they will drive the resources to the marketplace. As you can see, working together is the most fruitful way to survive on Mars.

To survive on Mars, you will need various resources, such as food, oxygen, water, and habitable temperatures. Colonists that lack these resources will be put into Cryogenic sleep: their suits are designed with this failproof mechanism to preserve the lives of their wearers. In addition, medics will be able to revive sleeping colonists. Keep in mind that every player will get three free colonists, but you can unlock more colonists for MARS4 dollars.

One of the game's most exciting features is terraforming and constructing buildings. For example, biologists will grow plants on Mars - these plants will also be used for food. Terraforming will potentially increase your plot value in the process. If you are a landowner but do not want to play the game, you could always assign land managers who will do it for you.

Mars4 will have its own economy based on the MARS4 dollar. Every transaction on the Mars metaverse will be done in MARS4 dollars. You will be able to purchase various items with it, such as cosmetics for your avatar, resources and tools to help you earn more. For example, you will be able to get various vehicles, such as rovers, and become a driver - that way you would earn income for transporting items from one point to another.

Mars4 is being developed with the real Mars in mind - we are working closely with scientists - but the most important thing to us is the fun element of the game. This project aims to create an entertaining and thrilling experience for all players, both landowners and colonists. While landowners will earn more, regular players will also secure their own income.

Want to know more? Have any questions?

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