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Mars4: Nancy Lore

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

When the colonists of Mars settled on the face of the red planet, it was not without hardships. While the UN was able to provide support in the form of launched supplies, mission control, and the follow-up phases of colonist arrivals, the United Nations was not able to react quickly and directly to assist with every demand or need that colonists discovered.

This has led to one of the more… unusual… developments: Nancy. The Neo-Auton Cyborg or NANCY is not a UN-sponsored programme. How or why this particular cybernetic assistant has ended up on Mars is outside of the UN’s remit. There have been investigations and more to determine exactly how an antique reconnaissance device was shipped to Mars.

For colonists on Mars, regardless of the alarms this raised on Earth, they will find Nancy to be a productive tool for them under their control, a smart resource scanning companion akin to the Caripen though naturally with a smaller footprint.

To all of you out there, whether there is concrete, soil, or red dust beneath your feet, may you have a happy Halloween.

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