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Mars4 Patch Notes - June

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Alexandria Patch

Release Date: 27.06.2023

New Features

The Second Wave Colonists on 3D Mars

Setting foot on the dust of Mars for the first time, the Second Wave of colonists have arrived in the 3D game. The women of the Venus Mission have already been available as Colonist NFTs via the MCC, but now they are fully implemented into the 3D game. Take charge of the surface with the mining specialists that make up Mars’ Second Wave.

New Lighting Effects

A new global illumination and reflection system has been implemented. This will have several effects on the natural lighting level across 3D Mars and can be adjusted via the Graphic Settings menu. This update also includes lamps now acting as light sources which in turn may affect colonist base design when coupled with the new reflective surfaces.

Sand Simulation Effects

Colonists and vehicles on Mars now leave tracks and traces as they cross the deserts of Mars. Although, we believe colonists on Mars will still refer to their minimaps over simply following their own tracks back to their bases. Additionally, Martian sands will also simulate the effects of the current winds blowing over them. Sand simulation reflects one of the main elements towards building immersion on Mars, a planet notorious for its dust and sand. This option can be turned ON/OFF via the Graphic Settings menu.

Extended Journal

An improved journal has been added to the game and includes a brand new Wiki for Mars4. This new library will provide players a source where they can find any information related to the Mars4 3D game, no doubt the more canny colonists will be keen to share or make notes of the optimisations they learn over time.

New Insulated Building Components

More airtight and warmer, colonists will be able to upgrade their building pieces to provide improved insulation. The result will (hopefully!) result in less colonists mysteriously turning into popsicles at night. The UN is keen to prevent this as the popsicle-ification of colonists has been somewhat detrimental to colonist morale.

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • New point light added to colonists to improve nocturnal visibility

  • Updated scaffolding models

  • Updated Arc Furnace model

  • Extended the interaction range of the structure modifying device.

  • Updated the solar energy generation system.

  • Fixed a bug where unreleased content could accidentally appear.

  • Fixed a bug where deploying female colonists would use the male colonist figure.

  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to reassign some keys.

  • Fixed a wrong naming of the storage container drop pod reward.

  • Growing plot screens now include useful information such as airtightness, a fertilising check, and the percentage of water in the plot.

  • Adjusted vehicle lights.

  • Map UI has been polished.

  • Improved memory usage optimization.

  • Night has been made brighter.

  • Fixed an issue that caused walls to remain floating when removing supported walls.

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