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Mars4 Vehicle NFTs Released

Mars is huge, and so is Virtual Mars - it is impossible to easily travel across it without a reliable and sturdy vehicle. That is why Mars4 has been working on various vehicle NFTs: Caripen GPRV, Karkanda Exo-Transport, Click-Beetle etc. Although they all can be used to drive around Mars, all vehicles serve different purposes in the game by providing different abilities and stats: some are best for mining, others can carry multiple people in them, and so on.

Vehicle NFTs

Caripen GPRV: an exploration vehicle that boosts your income

The first vehicle NFTs that have been released and are available for purchase is the Caripen GPRV. It is an agile exploration vehicle used to unlock various resources from Mars land NFTs. It is equipped with a ground penetrating radar suite that identifies the mineral composition of the land - as all plots are unique, Caripen GPRV is an excellent tool to discover the treasures that lie in your land plots.

As with everything from Mars4, you will be earning from owning vehicle NFTs as well. This article will give you examples of how to earn from Caripen GPRV NFTs: both from your land plot or that of other players, as well as from simply holding NFTs.

Explore your land, unlock and mine resources

To survive on Mars you'll need various commodities such as oxygen, food, water, and safe shelter. To increase the chances of staying alive, players must terraform the Red Planet to make it their new home. As Mars is not Earth after all, you will need advanced food growing systems, oxygen generators, water collection devices, and much more. It would be impossible to create all that without resources - thus they will be an essential part of the game.

Mars is not a desolate wasteland and has treasures hiding beneath its surface waiting to be discovered. To aid you, the Caripen GPRV vehicle NFTs were created: they excel at exploring and allow you to discover your land's full potential.

Every land plot has 6 slots of hidden resources: from iron to frozen H2O, you can find pretty much anything on Mars. Employ your Caripen GPRV to find what is hidden in your land so you could mine it later on.

Some of the resources are more common, some - extremely rare, but all of them are needed to survive on Mars. Making it a vital commodity makes trading and selling resources possible and profitable for players. As soon as these resources are integrated into the game, you will be able to sell them in the peer-to-peer marketplace as NFTs.

Explore and mine other's lands to make a profit

In general, the Mars4 game requires players to be cooperative to maximize their profits. Players work together, complete various tasks for each other and earn MARS4 dollars in return. Players who own Caripen GPRV vehicle NFTs can explore other people's lands and earn from it.

There will be two ways for the players to profit from working on other's lands: after executing a task, you may receive a fee from the landowner or receive a portion of the mined resources.

For exploring, you only have one option - to take a fee from a landowner. The fee you will receive is set by you, and landowners can only agree or disagree on it.

For mining, you can have an option to take a fee or/and a part of resources. Just like with exploring, it is up to you to make the best offer for landowners, thus players will be encouraged to cooperate to get the best deal for every party involved.

Hold your vehicle NFTs and earn passive income from the community pool

The community pool is a tool used to distribute Mars4 income to NFT holders. Every time Mars4 generates revenue, a part of it is sent to the community pool. Landowners have the right to unlock the pool and distribute its contents to NFT holders.

The amount you will receive from the community pool is determined by your productivity score. By buying Mars4 vehicle NFTs, you can boost your productivity score, thus enabling you to collect more passive revenue from holding NFTs. The more expensive your NFTs are, the bigger your productivity score.

Buy vehicle NFTs at a lower cost and sell when the prices rise

As with all NFTs, their prices can jump quite drastically.

Since Mars4 NFTs are limited in supply, you can expect the prices to rise - especially when the full game is released and more players are jumping in as the game grows.

In addition, since there are fewer vehicles than landowners, some of the investors won't have Caripen GPRV in their collection and will rely on paying others to explore and mine their lands or will purchase their vehicles from the secondary market.

Classic, Epic, Legendary: which one to pick?

Ready to start earning?

First, let's go through the types of Caripen GPRV vehicle NFTs to learn which of them suits your needs the best.

There are 3 versions of Caripen GPRV: Classic, Epic and Legendary. And while they differ in price, they also are distinguished by their stats. Before buying, it is worth looking through these parameters:


Players with the highest productivity score will be earning the most passive income from the community pool.

It is worth noticing that if you buy the Classic vehicle, your productivity score is proportional to the amount spent on the vehicle (89 USD = 89 points), while the Legendary gives you 3 times higher productivity score compared to the money spent (2900 USD = 8700 points). The Epic vehicle boosts your productivity score twice (159 USD = 318 points). That way if you are planning a big investment, it is better to buy the more expensive vehicle NFT instead of a few less expensive ones to ensure the best ROI.

Exploration runtime

Defines how long the vehicle will take to explore the land completely.

Vehicle NFTs with the lowest number perform the best as they are the fastest to complete the task but in general Caripen GPRV excels at this task.

Mining runtime

Defines how long the vehicle NFTs can mine for resources until they need to be recharged.

Since every time your vehicle stops mining, you will need to recharge by paying a small fee, the most efficient vehicle NFTs have the longest mining runtime. Not only will it be cheaper to execute the task, you will not have to manually reset the mining process as often and will mine out more.

Caripen GPRV vehicle NFTs can be used for mining as well, so it is an excellent choice for resource gathering but other vehicles will be more suitable for mining.


The chance of successfully executing each task (exploration or mining).

E.g. 70% success means there's a 70% chance that your mission is successful, but a 30% chance of failing it. If you fail the task, it simply means that you need to execute it again.

In short

Mars4 vehicle NFTs are used as tools to complete various tasks such as exploration, mining, transporting, and so on. Caripen GPRV is an exploration vehicle that allows players to discover the resources that lie in their Mars plot terrain and mine them out later on. Because you can explore and mine both your and others’ lands, it is a great tool to boost your earnings. Besides that, owning a vehicle automatically increases your earnings from the community pool. Eventually, these streamlines of income will increase vehicle NFTs values, thus you will be able to resell it to other players for a higher price.

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