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PancakeSwap: Launching Mars4 Into A Multichain Project

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

We have upcoming news regarding Mars4 dollars!

At this point we have all heard about the Mars4 Token, but did you know that Mars4 will soon become a multichain project?

Currently, you can easily trade Mars4 tokens on Sushiswap, Bittrex, MEXC and KuCoin. Of these four, SushiSwap is unique because you can stake your Mars4 dollars on it. Crypto staking is a process used to verify cryptocurrency transactions and involves committing holdings to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions. Staking and mining are similar: both methods allow you to earn a passive income. If you want to learn how to stake on SushiSwap, we suggest watching this video. You can stake directly on our website here.

We are excited to announce that Mars4 dollars will be available to buy and sell on PancakeSwap from March 17th. With this launch, Mars4 will become a multichain project, reflecting a significant milestone for Mars4.

Mars4 will be bridged on AnySwap. This will allow making cross-chain deposits in a decentralized way.

What's all the fuss about PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a fast-growing, decentralized exchange platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which gives it a massive advantage among other such platforms. It is one of the most popular DApps out there and its popularity comes as no surprise.

PancakeSwap allows users to exchange their BEP20 tokens without centralised platforms and is known for its anonymity.

The exchange rates on PancakeSwap are lower compared to platforms based on Ethereum. Why is this?

If you try to compare Ethereum and platforms that are based on BSC, they might appear similar at first glance.

The most striking similarity is that their smart contracts are fully compatible. Smart contracts are programs built inside a blockchain. These programs run when the predetermined conditions are met. These contracts are needed to make a transaction or any other action in the blockchain. So, if you want to exchange your tokens, smart contracts allow you to do that securely. In this way, both Ethereum and BSC-based DApps are secure, so you can be at peace when making a transaction on both types of platforms.

So what is the difference? A major contrast is seen when comparing Ethereum and BSC speeds. Ethereum allows only 30 transactions per second. While it might sound a lot, it is not considering the demand. Every time you are trying to make a transaction, you are in an auction with other people also making a transaction. Sadly, it increases the transaction fees, commonly known as gas fees.

BSC allows more transactions per second than Ethereum. More transactions mean less competition when making a transaction and, in the end, lower gas fees!

Lower transaction fees are one of the reasons why PancakeSwap has gained such popularity and can compete with UniSwap, a decentralized exchange platform based on Ethereum.

As mentioned earlier, Mars4 will become a multichain project after listing on PancakeSwap since it is based on BSC. As the name suggests, in multichain projects several blockchains are interconnected to enhance user experience. In other words, multichain projects solve the scalability issues of the blockchain (such as hefty fees and low speeds). BSC is a great tool that provides solutions to some of the problems that Ethereum-based platforms create.

We would also like to end with one final piece of great news for those of you interested in trading Mars4 dollars: there will be no restrictions on trading Mars4 dollars on PancakeSwap!

  • PancakeSwap will open MARS4 deposits and spot trading (MARS4/USDT) on March 17th.

  • The MARS4 withdrawals will be available on March 17th.

Stay tuned for more exciting news! You can follow us on Twitter and join our Discord or Telegram channels to be ahead of everyone.

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Unknown member
Mar 20, 2022

I just started staking mars4 on pancake swap I am all in and I own 3 properties


Unknown member
Mar 19, 2022

interesting project I think it has a future

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