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Who Are The Supporters Behind Mars4?☄️

Updated: Jul 20, 2022 is an NFT project that enables you to own lands on the Metaverse of the fourth planet, Mars. The project is one of the fastest-growing blockchain projects that has grown with incredible speed. Anyhow, without the help and support of excellent investors, the team of amazing talents behind Mars4 would not have been able to accomplish such a huge success. In this article, we will list down the Mars4 supporters and investors.

The Believers of

  1. Illuvium Founders — Kieran Warwick & Aaron Warwick, Entrepreneur brothers who explored cryptocurrency in the early stage and developed Illuvium, an open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Now they are >4B Market Cap.

  2. CEO of Quantstamp — Richard Ma, EEA Member Spotlight with Richard Ma, CEO and Co-founder at Quantstamp — Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and one of the most respected Blockchain Security Auditor.

  3. CEO of — Danish Chaudhry, excellent Mentor, specializing in financial services. Skilled in Startups, Leadership, Financial Risk and many more.

  4. Ascensive Assets — a private investment firm focusing solely on the digital asset industry.

  5. NGC — one of the largest institutional investors of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and has been a key contributor to a number of leading blockchain projects invested in >100 blockchain projects

  6. AU21 — investor in numerous top-tier DeFi and NFT projects, and has helped dozens of companies secure successful listings on top exchanges.

  7. X21 — a Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm dedicated to helping mainly blockchain startups accelerate their growth and exposure in the industry.

  8. Longterm Ventures — a group of angel investors that have been actively investing in pre-seed, seed and early-stage blockchain projects.

  9. OSAZ (LP of Multicoin) — Investing in innovation & blockchain technology to empower social change.

  10. Momentum 6 — multi-disciplinary and one-stop solution to get to the market.

  11. Andromeda Capital — serve clients to access the financial and capital market with adequate instruments.

  12. Spark Digital — a research-focused crypto fund that invests in the future of blockchain and tech.

  13. Genblock — invests exclusively in blockchain and cryptocurrency, with a focus on decentralized finance and metaverse.

  14. Tenzor Capital — provide strategic investment for projects that enrich the blockchain ecosystem.

  15. Stake Capital — provide Decentralized Finance (DeFi), highly available and secure blockchain validation services for the leading proof-of-stake protocols.

  16. Basics Capital — Focusing on developing early-stage projects with an edge of longevity in the infrastructure and ecosystem of the blockchain industry.

  17. Vendetta — invests in, leads, and helps projects to accelerate developing novel solutions to address the core issues of scalability, privacy, and interoperability for decentralized protocols and applications.

  18. Hello Capital — a research-focused fund dedicated to investing in blockchain and metaverse.

  19. AngelOne — technology-led financial services company providing broking and advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares and financial products distribution.

  20. Exnetwork — an investment firm focused on funding innovation in the decentralization movement.

  21. Dweb3 — a digital fund focused exclusively on digital assets related to Decentralized Finance, WEB 3.0 and NFT.

  22. Blue Node Capital — venture capital firm with a strong focus on blockchain innovation.

  23. Astronaut Capital — a licensed asset manager focused on providing an outperforming investment vehicle to retail, sophisticated and institutional investors.

  24. LucidBlue — focusing on venturing building, advising and strategic investment on NFT, Web3 Gaming, Hybrid Defi solutions.

  25. Raptor Capital — an investment and advisory services firm providing expertise to help

  26. Autonomy Capital — an immersive investment manager looking beyond the metrics of global economies, and into local dynamics seeking to mine untapped opportunities.

  27. ArkStream — a token fund dedicated to growing Web3.0 unicorns. Their portfolio includes Efinity, Calaxy, HOPR, Xend, Litentry, etc.

  28. AVStar Capital — a digital asset injector in the form of a venture capital firm with outstanding development and marketing based on team research analysis.

  29. Portico Ventures — an early-stage venture firm with an emphasis on technical development focused on companies in the blockchain sector.

  30. OneMax Capital — a cutting-edge fund with the most market resources in the Chinese market.

  31. Ghaf Capital — an independent strategic and investment advisory firm formed by seasoned commercial & investment banking professionals with expertise in M&A advisory, VC/PE, and private capital raising.

  32. Gate Labs — VC arm. It is a software platform with a portfolio of hardware products that enable users to manage access to their homes and businesses.

  33. OKEx Blockdream Ventures — OKEx VC arm & a fund focused on exploring high-quality projects with great potential.

  34. HG Ventures — supports innovation and growth across The Heritage Group by investing and partnering with private companies developing new technologies and approaches in both core and adjacent markets.

  35. Hindsgaul Capital — Investing in and helping early-stage startups scale and succeed. Focused on innovative blockchain projects.

  36. EMO Capital — focuses on investing the blockchain projects, and its LP is composed of the global high-net-worth individuals. The investment team members are all from traditional finance.

  37. Evan Luthra — an entrepreneur who builds and invests in fast-growing technology companies via his Incubator Fund Have more then 2M followers on Instagram

  38. Mr. Moon — A creative content creator on several social media platforms with more then 400k followers on Youtube.

  39. Crypto Fomo — A creative content creator on YouTube that discusses cryptocurrencies with >70K followers.

  40. Crypto Nekoz — Founder of and

  41. Infinity Gainz — Analyst and Parabolic Gem Seeker with over 30k followers on twitter / telegram.

  42. CryptoJack — A creative content creator on YouTube with over 100k followers and founder of

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