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Streaming Competition

Martian, don't be shy! Show us how you're doing on Mars!

Let’s play, stream and thrive on Mars together!

All stream videos will be added to the Mars4 official Youtube channel.


3 weeks 9 winners. Each week 3 new winners! 

The most viewed videos will be rewarded:
🥇2 NFTs + 30,000 MARS4$
🥈1 NFTs + 50,000 MARS4$
🥉70,000 MARS4$


Don’t just sit on the couch, GO STREAM!!!
Feel free to promote yourself on every social media channels to be the first one and receive a prize!


1. Enjoy the game
2. Stream it on Youtube
3. Upload it
4. Tag #Mars4Stream #Mars4game

5. Gather views

Streaming Competition ends on the 30th of August.

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