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Take your VR set and dive into the first space trip to Mars.

It is highly recommended to watch this movie with a VR set. The best experience will be achieved by watching with Oculus Quest 2 glasses. 

Newton crater on Mars4

VR Experience action takes place in the NEWTON land plot, which was sold as one of the first Super Rare NFTs in the Mars4 Metaverse. This VR MOVIE is a part of NEWTON NFT.

VR experience DUBAI 2040 MARS EDITION is created by an internal and an international team. It is not directly linked to the Mars4 P2E game. We have created it in honor of our first investor and believer in Super Rare NFTs.

VR experience gives an opportunity for everyone to see how Mars could be transformed, what the VR game might look like and get community feedback on it before the future VR P2E game.

*The VR experience is not connected to the MARS4 game.

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