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Hidden lands for a limited-time offer of $169


When the UN tasked the first wave’s satellites to perform crude orbital scans, a great many lands were simply given insufficient attention to properly survey.

These lands got ‘lost’ in the data sent from Mars to Earth and only became more prominent once the first wave of colonists arrived on Mars. It was the efforts of these pioneers that helped put these lost lands back on the map.


Solve clues, find hidden lands and acquire them for a limited-time price of 169$.

1. Follow the clues on Twitter and the website.

   - Each clue leads to one or two locations on Mars.

   - Each location can have up to 20 hidden lands scattered nearby.
   - Different clues have nothing in common. 

2. Find hidden lands on Mars.
   - Go to the Mars globe map and look for the location.

   - If you can't find it, join forces with others on the community Discord.


3. Acquire hidden lands with 2 slots for a limited-time offer of $169.

   - Founded land is considered to be the one with a major discount.

The "Lost on Mars" event will end on April 18th. 



These lands are found between ancient greek ice and the Great Seaport of long-lost Ruhuna, the city once called Mapatuna.


Between Armorica and the deepest point of the Valley of Death.


Both of them were German-American astronomers. The first led expeditions to witness solar eclipses and even invented the camera just for this purpose, the second taught at the University of Cincinnati.


The former was an amateur British astronomer who discovered five comets. The latter sailed on the First Fleet’s flagship and served as an officer in the marines. He went on to construct the first observatory in Australia.


Between two contemporary French astronomers with one confirming Giovanni Schiaparelli’s value of the rotational period of Mercury, and the other doubting the same.

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