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Buildings: Developing Lands on Mars

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

For the First Wave arriving on Mars, their experience was the hardest. The duty of preparing sufficient infrastructure for the later waves fell to them and they did not disappoint the many hopefuls still on Earth. These engineers took pains to establish rudimentary colonies and secure the resources needed to ensure the UN would be able to land and organise the vast number of people they intended to provide passage for.

Thus, the first ever buildings on Mars were founded ahead of those who might come to inhabit them.

As most of the colonists were still using UN blueprints for their construction work, the buildings largely came to follow several basic archetypes, each separated by their intended functions.

These buildings provide useful infrastructure and logistics bonuses to the lands that make use of these constructions which has seen them remain as quasi-landmarks on the Martian surface.

To those of you managing lands on the Mars Control Center, we invite you to lay the foundation for the Mars to come.

Creating Value: Improving Lands

Buildings represent the construction and improvement of owned lands via the Mars Control Center. Develop your lands, make use of their building slots, and begin improving your assets.

There are several different types of buildings from quarries to workshops, from colonist housing to research centres, each with their own set of applicable bonuses that benefit your colonists or vehicles. Buildings provide landowners the ability to focus these benefits on their land's strengths or the strength of their colonists and vehicles.

In addition, buildings also improve productivity score which in turn will provide landowners a greater share of the community pool distributions.

Buildings are able to affect the following:

  • Mining speed;

  • Resources mined per job;

  • Cost per job in $Mars4;

  • Success Chance;

  • Productivity Score;

It will take a canny mind to strategize the combination of structures on your lands that will provide you the greatest advantage.

The First Steps

Constructing buildings on your land NFTs is no simple feat and much like the First Wave landing on Mars, you can take your first steps to take charge, to prepare for the development of your lands. Each land NFT can support sixteen buildings in a 4x4 grid.

For any land that you want to construct buildings on, you will first need to fully survey your land via the MCC. This involves sending your colonists and vehicle NFTs to explore the six resource slots on your lands. After a land has been fully surveyed, you will be able to build on that land.

A Blueprint will then need to be obtained. These form the initial construction step and are consumable items. Each blueprint will detail what type of resources and how many of them are needed to construct the building.

Naturally, it will suit landowners to prepare resources in advance.

Once sufficient resources and a blueprint are obtained, construction can begin, strengthening your foothold on the Red Planet.


Blueprints are the lifeblood of early Mars settlement. With the expectation that colonists sent to Mars would have to manage on their own without much assistance from Earth between launch windows, the UN felt it was necessary to ensure that basic infrastructure projects could be assembled with relative ease. Blueprints provided by the UN allow for standardised building patterns and fabricator sequences that allow for rapid assembly of structures on lands.

In the Mars Control Center, blueprints enable landowners to develop their lands by constructing buildings that provide bonuses to colonists and vehicles, as well as boost productivity scores.

Explore your lands and mine the resources to prepare for the buildings! Don't hesitate to use 10% discount for vehicles or colonists and 25% for lands.

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1 Comment

Oct 03, 2023

The idea of developing lands on Mars is nothing short of breathtaking. It's akin to embarking on an entirely new frontier, much like the anticipation and excitement that can come with deciding to sell your house.

Exploration and Innovation: Just as we're exploring the possibilities of colonizing Mars, selling your house can also open up new horizons. It involves innovating your living situation, whether it's moving to a new city, downsizing, or finding a bigger place to accommodate your growing family. Preparation: Before venturing into the vastness of space or the real estate market, preparation is key. When selling your house, you need to get it in the best possible condition, much like how space agencies meticulously plan and prepare for…

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