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Ethan’s letter: K-pop Goes Metaverse

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

The weather here on Mars is delightful. I can finally take a moment to relax but only for the moment, I have a station to build!

When I have some free time I check what is happening on Earth - but the most intriguing news for me are the ones related to metaverses.

Do you like K-Pop? If you do, I have some great news for you! There will be a metaverse dedicated to K-pop artists where fans can meet their idols and enjoy live performances.

Interestingly enough, the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT will invest $7.5 billion in digital technologies, 9% of which is going towards metaverse and cloud services South Korea definitely sounds like a great country - a pioneer of the future, a believer in metaverse..

I have to think about my future too. You know what’s really important to survive on Mars? A well-built station. It’s all that’s on my mind right now as I work to assemble it. But what if you couldn't care less about building? You probably didn't construct your own house on Earth as it takes a lot of specific skills and time, so what are your options?

To get a house you can always go to a real estate agent who will help you find your dream dwelling. Now real estate agents are available in Decentraland, one of the most popular blockchain metaverses out there.

Metrovacesa and Malaga Towers, two companies originating from Spain, have opened their virtual offices on Decentraland. Clients will be able to visit properties for sale, watch videos and even get construction plans.

Some of the buildings are worth more than one million dollars!

Decentraland fans are excited for other things too. JPMorgan has opened a virtual lounge. This fact suggests that more businesses will soon establish their offices in virtual worlds.

Mars4 metaverse is also open for offices and businesses. Perhaps the next JPMorgan office will be open on Mars?

What business do you think should have their offices on Mars?

I can’t wait to see the future of metaverses as they develop! Perhaps I will see you on Mars soon too?

Always yours,


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