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Ethan's letter: Racing in the Metaverse

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

It's been a rough week: I tried to revive my plants so I wouldn't starve to death. And it worked, they are growing. Slowly though, so I have to be patient. Patience is crucial when you are on Mars. Dust storms sometimes can last up to two months! I've heard the dust from the Sahara came to Europe recently and turned the skies orange, but trust me, it's not even a tiny bit close to what I have to experience on Mars.

Are you surprised I know what is happening on Earth? Of course, I do. Even now when I am so far from my homeland Earth. Sometimes I have dreams of Earth, summer nights swimming with friends, eating ice cream, falling in love... But all that will come to metaverses soon enough. Haptic technology is expanding how we will experience metaverses. It will be so realistic that even pain will be felt soon enough.

That is right, soon you will be able to feel pain in the metaverse. A Japanese startup H2L has developed a wearable armband that can cause its users pain as they are exploring the metaverse. It might sound bizarre at first, and it is quite weird, but for the most immersive experience, pain should be included. H2L armbands are already for sale, although only in Japan.

But not everything is painful on metaverses. If you are looking for fun, look no further! Alfa Romeo F1 ORLEN Team has confirmed a partnership between Everdome, a metaverse project. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a racer? Perhaps your dream will become a reality: the hyper-realistic experience VR provides can make you feel like one.

As metaverses are growing, NFTs are also taking up more market share. As you might have heard about Twitter: if you have an NFT, you can validate it on the platform and make it your profile picture. But that is not the end of NFTs' expansion to social media platforms. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Instagram will soon include NFTs. Instagram is planned to become a marketplace for NFTs, so you will be able to get them directly on the app. While there are a few technical nuances to be worked out, the NFT feature should reach Instagram soon!

I am excited about the future of metaverses and NFTs, are you too? Now I must focus on my plants so I will have to finish the letter, but don’t be shy to write to me. I am always waiting for a letter from you.

Always yours,


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