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Ethan's Letter: Selling Your Soul As An NFT

Updated: Jul 8, 2022


Ethan calling!

It is cold on Mars. I watch the sun go down and wait for the morning to come. Various questions come to my mind - just like on Earth before falling asleep. Back home, I would always ask myself, is there life beyond Earth? Aliens fascinated me - and I thought, there must be life somewhere far away from Earth. The galaxy is so large, that there is a big chance of another planet existing that can sustain life just like the Earth. And now I am an alien myself.

Selling your soul as an NFT

These days I think about God a lot. Who created us? Or was it an accident? Sometimes it does feel like an accident - no purpose was given to us in this vast space. I believe I have the soul of an explorer, always craving new experiences, new places, new tastes. Do you believe in souls yourself? If not, would you sell it to someone?

One 21-year old art student just did that - he sold his soul for 0.11 ETH ($378) on OpenSea. Stijn van Schaik, the person behind the project, minted an NFT of his soul and wrote this:

Hello person, you are currently looking at a soul. For now it is mine. Once it is fully uploaded on the blockchain, who knows what will happen. What does it mean for a soul to be decentralised? Let us find out.

If you want to purchase it from the current owner, get ready to open your wallet a little bit more as the current price is 1,040.25 ETH ($3,606,838.02).

Good news - if you want to purchase someone's soul (or any other NFT) on OpenSea, you can use your credit card as the platform partnered with MoonPay and allows card transactions. This makes NFTs more accessible for people from various backgrounds such as those who do not have any experience with cryptocurrency.

Not everything in the NFT world is grim and makes you think of the meaning of life. Sandbox has been hosting Snoop Dogg for a while now so get ready to party even harder - the rapper released a song inspired by Sandbox! The video for "House I Built" was created using the Sandbox metaverse and portrays Snoop Dogg partying in his Snoopverse.

But look at the time, it is time for me to get some sleep. Tomorrow awaits, and I have to be energetic and well-rested to survive on Mars.

Always yours,


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