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Ethan’s Letter: Thrilling News From Mars4

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Ethan calling!

When I arrived on Mars, I counted days and nights meticulously, afraid to lose the sense of time as a prisoner counts days left to serve. But I am no prisoner - I arrived here, explored my surroundings and made Mars my home. It is here I will spend the rest of my life - and it is my choice to do so.

Now time goes by, and I hardly notice its flow. It's been over a year since my arrival on Mars, and I have lost track. Many experiences and dangers later, I am one station richer, ready to move and reach more. Nothing can stop me now.

To come to Mars you have to have a brave soul, a soul aching for an adventure. Everything else you will learn in the process - that's the most important lesson I have for the newcomers.

And now I can sense a new adventure coming my way. Mars4 is growing - and I can't wait to share the news.

Mars Control Center

The biggest news is that the launch of the Mars4 Control Center is getting closer every day. From now on you will be able to do more with Mars4: manage your assets, control your income and claim community pool rewards. Want to know more about Mars4 Control Center? Visit our whitepaper and learn more!

Do you think that is all? Oh no, Mars4 is not sleeping! Boxes of various goods are arriving to the Red Planet. Want to guess what is in them? Take a hint: the distance no longer limits us. Do you know now? Vehicles are in them, roaring and waiting for you!

More details about the launch of MCC and in-game NFTs are coming - do not forget to join Telegram and Discord channels to be the very first to hear about them!

Always yours,


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