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Food On Mars: Will Not Have An Expiration Date

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Your primary goal on Mars will be survival. To survive, you will need various resources. Food is one of them, of course. You probably have had an appalling experience of pouring spoiled milk into your coffee before, and know - food does not last forever. Read further to know how this will be solved on Mars!

Will food have an expiration date?

No, probably not. We do have the systems in place to do this and technically it would be easy to implement. However, as a game developer, I think it is important not to be malicious towards our players and this is one of those design choices that might feel unnecessarily cruel given the fact that food can be bought and sold as a commodity on Mars4.

That being said, I could see some situations where expirations might come in use, for example leaving crops on the vine indefinitely would cause them to expire. This would punish and reward people and encourage putting energy into harvesting their crops etc. I could see an argument there, but I am not a fan of the idea of a player having food in their storage, expecting they can make use of it, only to discover that it has expired and their character will starve to death.

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