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Mars4 Patch Notes: September

Version: Viking (4497)

Release Date: 02.10.2023

New Features

Bullionaire: Mars4’s First Pet

Mars4 is proud to announce the release of the first pet ever introduced to our game, Bullionaire. Bullionaire is a firm reminder that in a bull or bear market, sometimes we have to grab the bull by the horns! It comes in two different rarities (Epic and Legendary) and will follow you wherever you go, faithfully carrying your loot without complaint.

For the moment Bullionaire can execute two commands: hold and follow. By pressing the ‘H’ key within interaction range you can order your Bullionaire. If you own a Bullionaire pet in the MCC, you can deploy it by clicking on its icon in the Colonist's equipment section of the NFT tab.

First Collection: Utilitarianism on Mars

Sharp enough to cut your spacesuit and violently depressurize! The First Collection is aptly named as the very first collection of Martian colonial furniture with a focus on utilitarian shapes and easy construction to suit the needs of colonists without impairing their resourcing efforts. Turn your home on Mars into a First-class home today.

To use the owned decoration set in the game it’s enough to simply connect your MCC account. After that the components of the set will be available for crafting in the synthetic manufacturing machine.

Phobos and Deimos X: A Vintage Hauler For Mars

Hermetically sealed and graded for the Martian surface, these classic antiques from Earth's pre-struggle period are able to haul goods, carry passengers, and traverse the Martian landscape. They are able to go on Elongated journeys, though that much time trapped in your suit and vehicles might leave the truck a little Musky. This is the first of a ‘classic’ line of new vehicles in Mars4 that makes use of long-gone aesthetics for the purposes of the future colonists.

The truck comes in two variantes, the Phobos and Deimos. Named after Mars' iconic moons, the vehicle is sure to serve its owners well as they toil on the surface of the red planet.

Global Vehicle Tweaking

To better improve the vehicle handling and gameplay in Mars4, vehicles were subjected to another global tweaking. This update has seen the suspension, steering, and traction settings reworked and rebalanced. The end result should see the driving experience become more pleasant and user-friendly. Each vehicle’s cross-country ability has been improved across the board alongside a reduction of cases where a vehicle could get stuck on rocks or inclined surfaces.

We will continue to monitor and improve the vehicles in our coming patches as we see how well these changes work.

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Tutorial would not recognize upgrading scaffolding to an insulated foundation.

  • Fixed an issue where the power grid has zero power for the first few seconds after the save game is loaded.

  • Fixed a bug where spawning Click Beetle and Mad Beetle would cause losing inventory slots and items, shuffling crafting lists, and others.

  • Fixed a bug where beetles were losing wired connection after loading a saved game.

  • Fixed an issue when newly deployed vehicles loose their fuels after save/load.

  • NFT tab of the character's inventory now shows correct quantities of owned equipment.

  • Now the Esc button works in drive mode.

  • Fixed an issue where a character connected to the MCC would receive a blank NFT page in his inventory after dying/respawning.

  • Fixed an issue when you enter Karkanda with a tool in your hands, the tool would appear under the vehicle. Known issue: if you enter the vehicle equipped with a wiring tool, the wires will hover above the vehicle.

  • Cleared wrong default loot handle for the electric fabricator.

  • Fixed an issue where the owned Epic female colonist was not showing in the game.

  • Increased Click Beetle and Mad Beetle output power to 350W.

  • Vehicles that were deployed in a savegame can be despawned. Ensure you don’t leave any item in the vehicle before despawning.

  • You can spawn all types of your owned vehicles at time.

  • Fixed a bug in which the power received from a beetle connected to the network or directly to a machine continued to flow even after it was despawned

  • Fixed a bug where the data loading function of the fuel generator component was implemented incorrectly. This resulted in a drop in performance after a large number of saves and loads, which in exceptional cases could lead to the game turning into a slideshow.

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