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Mars4: March 2024 Monthly Recap

The team at Mars4 is happy to extend greetings once again to our investors and world-wide community. March has seen the conclusion of two major events, a further four collaborations, as well as two community events aimed at providing further rewards for our playerbase and customers. 

The month’s major achievements are twofold and come in the form of special events held to provide our community an opportunity to boost their NFT collection and earn bonus rewards. Firstly, the Mission: Red Wreckage was concluded, an exciting multi-week campaign that offered additional NFT rewards from entire land deeds to blueprints and even vehicles for individuals who purchased marked Land NFTs. The latter of the two events saw the introduction and completion of Mars4’s third NFT breeding season, allowing players to obtain additional colonists!

March continued as the team furthered their efforts to expand the reach of the Mars4 community through four collaborations. The team’s efforts to enhance the community outreach was magnified by the works alongside Melos Crypto, P4Provider, FlashCash, and Fintech.

Finally, March was marked by two further community-boosting events. The Mars4 team is keen to see the community expand alongside providing opportunities for the same community to be rewarded through their enjoyment of the game in both the multiplayer and MCC. To that effect, the month saw a 5-day long productivity boost provided to our players through the period around Saint Patrick’s Day and the launch of the Mars4 Crypto Landmark Building Competition. We look forward to seeing the landmarks our players place upon the face of Mars!

March now lies behind us and the team looks ahead towards April and further continuing to deliver powerful results for our investors and players. With further enhancements and opportunities ahead, the team looks forward to delivering the same to you whether you’re on Mars or Earth.

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