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Mars4: Sandstorm PvP Zone

Version: Coriolis (5343)

Release Date: 03.04.2024

New Features

Sandstorm PvP Zone

Away from the watchful eyes of orbital satellites, colonists can now take up arms against their fellow Martian within mighty Martian dust storms. Engage each other in the storm-thrashed mire with craftable weapons and compete to earn resources from the defeated.

Take your dues from the defeated.

The Mars4 team is proud to announce that the initial phase of the community-requested pvp content has been introduced with the arrival of Mars’ harshest inclement weather systems. These dust storms will engulf specified zones enabling PvP.

Currently there are two types of weapons available to craft in the fabricator:

  1. Automatic Rifle: A lower range automatic weapon with a fast fire rate and a 30 round magazine.

  2. DMR: A semi-automatic weapon with a slower fire rate but much greater damage per shot. It features a small 5 round magazine and enjoys extended range over the automatic rifle.

When a weapon is selected, a radial bar around the cursor will show remaining ammo count and the gun’s condition.


  • R - Reload

  • Right Mouse Button - Tighten aim

  • Left Mouse Button - Fire

The team is keen to expand on the available content and will be introducing new weapon types and gear to our colonists over time. As always, we look forward to your feedback regarding this new system.

Updates and Bugfixes 

  • Implemented the ability to rotate foundations and ceilings.

  • Sharing is caring: Alliance members can now use each other's vehicles, pets, and landmarks.

  • Added a clan storage container allowing stored resources or other items to be deposited/withdrawn by alliance members only.

  • Added the ability to craft portable fabricators directly from the character’s inventory. 

  • Added a UI animation when players are low health.

  • Added new footstep sound effects when traversing sand.

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to dig resources with the shovel on Mars4 Lands.

  • Adjusted the drop pod calling process. This should fix the issue with drop pod progress resetting after re-entering the game.* *Your feedback regarding this bug is greatly appreciated.

  • Fixed an issue with the growing plot screen incorrectly showing the room is not airtight until you enter its inventory.

  • Fixed an issue where Titan NFTs were available in the NFT tab of the character’s inventory even if you don’t own it.

  • Fixed a bug where Phobos X was displayed incorrectly as Deimos X in the vehicles list of the NFT tab.

  • Fixed an issue where time, date, and temperature were not changing on Mars4 Lands.

  • Fixed a bug where dropped cryomed used a 3D model of the futuristic bed.

  • Seatbelts have been improved: Fixed an issue where entering a Caripen would cause the character's body to stick outside the vehicle.

  • Fixed an issue where wrong lands IDs and images were displayed in the Lands list. 

  • Fixed a bug where mined ores would disappear after re-entering the Mars4 Lands.

  • Fixed an issue where NFT deployed status was not saving after re-joining the server or saving/loading the singleplayer.

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