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Mars4 Patch Notes: Sic Vis Pacem

Version: Sic Vis Pacem (5476)

Release Date: 14.05.2024

New Features

PvE: Mark I’s

Emerging after the seismic activity from Ereshkigal’s crash, a long forgotten threat has blighted the land. Across Mars, players can now encounter hostile robots, remnants from a failed automated colonization process. There are several different tiers of robots spread across the planet which drop loot in the form of random weapons.

Take charge of the surface and help excise these threats to Martian colonization.

Currently robots are enabled in Singleplayer. They will be added in Multiplayer later.

NEW WEAPONS: Para Bellum

To help combat the new threat on Mars, the UN has uploaded new schematics to every colonist on Mars. Included within this data packet is a series of weapon blueprints which even include the UN’s most advanced coilgun weapons.

As of this update, 15 new weapons have been added to the game in 3 tiers of 5 types of weapons:

  • Assault rifles - Automatic weapons with rapid fire, medium recoil, accuracy, and damage.

  • Sniper rifles - Semi-automatic weapons with medium recoil, accuracy and damage. However, Sniper rifles enjoy higher critical damage and feature a sniper mode (RMB, scroll mousewheel to adjust zoom).

  • Submachine guns - Automatics with increased rapid fire, medium recoil, lower accuracy, range, and damage.

  • Pistols - Typically semi-automatic with increased damage, high recoil, higher accuracy and critical damage, slow firing rate, and lower range.

  • Shotguns -  Capable of firing a number of pellets that spread in a diverging pattern after they leave the muzzle, shotguns feature lower accuracy, higher recoil, huge damage at short distance, low fire rates, and low magazine capacity.

For the moment all weapons use a shared generic ammunition except the submachine gun which uses SMG ammo. Ammo can be crafted using the fabricator.

Each weapon has their own recoil rate, spread pattern, damage drop-off, and some unique features such as the scope (sniper rifle) and spread fire (shotgun).

Updates and Bugfixes

  • Optimized the Mars4 Land generation system. This change has reduced loading time from 6-20 minutes to 30-50 seconds on average. If you have saved games on Mars4Lands and are facing some issues, please start over with creating a new game.

  • Modified the save/load system. We recommend re-saving your saved games after the update.

  • Drive across Mars together: Players can now enter the same vehicle if they are members of the same Alliance.

  • New games now start at the right time in the morning at 8:30 a.m.

  • Increased the durability of the personal and clan chests.

  • Adjusted code for destroying ore mines when the player loads a game in the new release.

  • Added a crosshair aiming feature when using a weapon. Crosshairs expand and contract displaying relative accuracy during sustained fire.

  • We’ve rolled up the windows tighter, body parts should no longer stick out from the Caripen.

  • Reskinned Enemy/Friendly 3D health widget.

  • Added visible borders that appear when the player reaches the edge of a map.

  • Fixed an issue where structures built by one player would become invisible and non-interactable (doors) if another player upgraded them.

  • Fixed a bug where opened doors were considered in some cases as obstacles.

  • Nicknames of Alliance members now have the same color. This tactical update for the Martian helmet should reduce ‘accidents’, but so far has not affected friendly fire incidences.

  • Fixed an issue where firing a gun had no sound.

  • Fixed NFT deployed status after loading a saved game or after re-joining the server.

  • Fixed a bug with weapons reloading.

  • Fixed a bug where players’ extended max weight was reduced when they interacted with a vehicle (such as moving items between personal and vehicle inventories).

  • Fixed text message stuttering at resolution above the 1080p on the lands selection screen of Mars4Lands.

  • Reduced latency for character actions such as rotating in high server load situations.

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