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Land Resources: All Lands Will Have a General Level of Resources

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Are you ready for another "You ask, we answer" rubric? Some of you wonder how to pick the perfect spot for your land plot on Mars - and we are here to help you choose.

Does the location of land matter in terms of resources available or trade?

Yes and no. Each land will not be a carbon copy of each other when it comes to the materials and resources that can be exploited. We intend to mimic some of the actual expectations you might have. For example, ice is more common at the bottom of craters and extremely common at the poles. However, for balancing purposes all lands will still have a general level of resources available to them, but some areas will have their own natural biases. We do not intend to ‘shut out’ any landowners who buy the land NFTs.

In terms of trade, the distance between regions is a factor. Regions closer to each other are able to trade at a better rate than those further away due to physical logistics involved, encouraging economic competition.

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