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M4 Patch Notes 4/7/22 - 19/7/22 (1345-1502)

Patch Notes

Version: 1512

Release Date: 21.07.2022

New Features

Vehicle Preservation Challenge

As part of this update, a vehicle has been added to the map as part of an event for players with the goal of building a garage around the vehicle to protect it from the ravages of the Martian climate. Players are invited to show off their architectural creativity as they create a safe, usable space around one of Mars4’s vehicles. The size of vehicles in Mars4 will necessitate some new ideas and larger floor plans and we look forward to seeing how you handle it!

Day/Night Cycle

The Sun has been encouraged to cooperate with Mars once again as the Day/Night cycle that was introduced in the prior update has seen significant improvement. The cycle now has a lighting intensity that should match the full cycle of a Martian rotation, or in other words, the darkness and brightness on Mars is correctly scaled with time. Players are now able to enjoy Mars’ sunrise and sunset as the dawn turns to dusk.

Helmet Lights

With the introduction of our much improved day/night cycle, it was inevitable that colonists on Mars might suddenly find themselves in need of a new source of personal light. Colonist helmets now feature a toggleable light (activated with the ‘F’ key). This enlightening device will allow players to more easily operate on Mars regardless of the time.



  • Improved HUD elements and UI theme.

  • Items in the crafting queue now fill with color during crafting.

  • Added camera movement when opening the player’s inventory.

  • Inventory panels are now highlighted when a player hovers the mouse over the panel.

  • Added highlighting effects to the crafting list and blueprint information when an item in the list is moused over.

  • Updated lighting and terrain.

  • Adjustments to terrain materials.

  • New visual feedback on selected items when hovering over them with the mouse.

  • Updated UI for the building menus.

  • Hotbars and other panels now follow the player’s position.

  • Lighting fixes for Tier3 walls, window frames and doorways.

  • New UI icon for fuel.

  • Added different sized widgets for interacting with buildable objects.

  • Power buttons have been made smaller for more human-sized hands and not giants.

  • Lighting adjustments for the crash site.

  • Color adjustments to atmospheric dust.

  • Minor tweaks to fog and skylights.

  • Minor tweaks to reflections.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with interactions between the weather manager and old saves.

  • Fixed an issue with control input text not changing to match player defined inputs.

  • Fixed an issue with body temperatures at high altitude.

  • The third person camera has been formally told to chill. It should no longer move erratically when the building menu is opened.

  • Safety measures regarding the dimensions required for a fabricator have been revoked. Fabricators can now be built in a one-storey room.

  • Fixed an issue with oxygen and freezing effects not disabling.

  • Fixed an issue regarding dividing by zero. Do not do this.

  • Mars has been issued a sternly worded letter regarding the placement of resources. Mars should no longer spawn ore nodes inside players.

  • Fixed an issue with quest icons remaining even if players did not have an active quest.

  • Adjustments made to UI sounds.

  • Fixed an issue with random click sounds playing during opening of crafting menus.

  • The Sun has been told to be less intense.

  • Fixed an issue with players interacting with blueprints of constructables as if they were completed.

  • Fixed an issue with body temperature not decreasing near the ******* GPRV.

  • Fixed an issue with mined ores flying away.

  • Fixed an issue with players being unable to build foundations near walls with opened doors.

  • Minor fixes applied to Arc Furnace placement logic.


  • Vertex color optimisations applied to: Vaporator, Oxygen Generator, Synthetic Manufacturer, Heater, Pickaxe, Battery Generator, Arc Furnace, Electrolysis machine, Cooking station, Laser Heated Hydroponics, Battery, and Ceiling panels.

  • Adjustments made to destructible meshes for Tier 2 and Tier 3 meshes.

  • Fixes to jittering in the pause menu.

  • Tweaks made to player’s camera displacement when opening inventory.

  • Reworked logic regarding attaching UI elements to the player.

  • Collision adjustments to Tier 3 windows and door frames.

  • Added a missing material graph to the building system.

  • Minor visual tweak for machine name placements.

  • Minor scaffolding adjustments.

Upcoming Features
  • Driveable vehicles.

M4 Patch Notes 4/7/22 - 19/7/22

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