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Mars4 Colonist NFTs

The red planet is a vast, inhospitable landscape and the task of settling upon its surface falls to the brave men and women sent from Earth. The First Wave of colonists represent the most skilled and talented of these volunteers as they are expected to survive on Mars without much additional support or backup should anything go wrong. Their task is to begin the creation of fundamental infrastructures to pave the way for the larger scale colonisation to come.

Colonists: Brave pioneers

Colonists are a new type of NFT designed to work alongside the vehicle NFTs on Mars via the Mars Control Center. These particular colonist NFTs represent the First Wave Colonists, individuals who were picked (or volunteered) by the UN for their skills and prior experience in conditions similar to Mars.

These colonists can be used in the Mars Control Center to mine resources and scan lands, in much the same way as vehicles can. In addition, much like the vehicle NFTs, colonists are able to provide a passive income. This article will explore the various ways in which you can benefit from owning a colonist NFT.

Unlike the machines of the UN, the colonists of Earth are experienced men and women with the know-how to quickly take advantage of favourable situations. This leads them to often turn defeat into victory when operating on the surface of the red planet. Colonist NFTs will always return from a mission with some resources, even if their primary mission had failed. In addition, when colonists are successful on a mission they deliver phenomenal results.

Mars: Self-sufficient survival

Survival on Mars is a difficult task made all the more so by the fact that the First Wave colonists are expected to manage this task with very little backup. This is due to the nature of launch windows between Earth and Mars. When Mars is in opposition (meaning at its furthest point from the Sun in its orbit) its position places it closest to Earth’s in its orbit.

This period defines Earth’s ideal launch windows when the distances involved are effectively minimal, however, as the distance between the orbits of the two planets begin to increase again the cost of transferring equipment and the time required increases significantly.

The First Wave colonists are effectively on their own.

The United Nations understood this problem implicitly which is why a concerted effort was made to hire individuals with excellent survival skills as well as prior experience (such as asteroid drilling teams or lunar miners).

Exploration: Taking charge of the Martian landscape

First Wave colonists are expected to secure sufficient resources to create their own colonies on the Martian surface as well as build infrastructure to support their own long term survival between launch windows. This requires making use of their vast repertoire of knowledge to construct and create any and all machines they would need to survive (such as power generators, agricultural fertilisers, and even complex fabricators).

Survey and scan the lands you own with colonists to discover the rich resource deposits that lie beneath the surface. After your lands have been surveyed colonists can be deployed, much like vehicles, to mine the deposits found. These resources can be used to your benefit in the full release of the 3D game to produce equipment or construct bases as well as traded between players via the Mars Control Center for $Mars4.

The resources on lands, regardless of quality, are all used at various stages in the game’s production chains ensuring your mining teams are able to provide useful goods for you no matter the deposit type.

The drive to succeed: Adaptability in the face of adversity

Colonists are experts in their fields and more importantly they are human beings who can make use of their experience to maximise their efforts. Colonist NFTs provide greater maximums when returning from a mining operation, ensuring that they can deliver excellent results.

In addition to this, unlike vehicles, colonists are well aware how tenuous their survival chances on Mars are. In the event of a failed mission, they will attempt to recover some value on the way back. This translates to ensuring that even when a mission to obtain resources does not offer the primary resource that they were targeting, they will still return with a smaller quantity of a secondary resource. This represents the fact that while a team of miners might know the colony needs uranium, if they were unable to find any that does not mean they couldn’t bring back iron which was also in demand, but less vital at the time.

Productivity: Passive income

Colonist NFTs provide a secondary benefit by making use of their productivity score to earn $Mars4. Mars4 uses a community pool to distribute income from Mars4 back to NFT holders. The distribution of the community pool is decided solely by landowners who have the right to vote on unlocking and distributing.

The amount of money earned from the community pool is calculated as a percentage of the owner’s total productivity score compared against the community’s total score. Owning Mars4 NFTs such as vehicle, lands, and colonists will increase your relative score against the whole total which in turn provides you a greater share of the community pool distributions.

Tradeable value

Mars4 colonists are also able to provide benefits simply by being held. Colonist NFTs, like Vehicle NFTs, are going to be tradeable with the full release of the 3D game. The ability to buy and sell colonists via the Mars Control Center will result in earning passively.

NFTs, like any other good, can see fluctuations in price, but with the full release of the 3D game demand should rise as players jump in.

Colonist NFTs: Be the first to secure a foothold on Mars

Each colonist NFT is able to provide work for you immediately via the MCC. The initial and most direct benefit to you is the increased productivity score that owning a colonist NFT provides. The value of the increased score is the increased amount earned from the community pool in every voted distribution.

However, an additional secondary benefit is that if distributions are voted more regularly, owning a colonist ahead of time will allow for that increased distribution more often.

There is, in addition, an extra bonus to owning a Mars4 colonist NFT. The resources mined by colonists, like those mined by vehicles, are able to be traded and sold via the MCC on the full release of the 3D game for $Mars4. The same resources can also be held to make the process of developing your own colonies in the full 3D multiplayer game much easier and faster. Providing such development to your own lands may provide further benefits!

When colonists begin to settle on the red planet, will you be one of those guiding their first steps on the Martian soil?

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