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Mars4 Has Released the Mars Game: Free and Available for Anyone to Try

The Mars game is a scientifically-inspired survival game created by Mars4 that allows players to explore Mars, endure the elements, and terraform it in various ways: from building stations to growing potatoes, it is all possible on Mars. The demo version is already out for Windows users and available to try for free. You can download the file from the game page.

This first version of the Mars game only features a single-player mode with multiplayer integration coming in the future, making it the first step to the full Mars-based Metaverse. Perhaps your next birthday party will take place on Mars?

Mars game

Mars Game: Play now and win cool prizes

The game has been developed as a tool to inspire people to learn more about the planet. It allows you to explore Mars and learn what it takes to survive on the Red Planet. The game zone is set on the accurate Mars surface and allows players to visit the planet without ever leaving home.

As a player, you crash into the Red Planet. This is where your journey begins: you now need to find ways to get oxygen and assemble resources to build your station. Along your way you will find hidden vehicles on the map - these will be integrated into the game soon and you will be able to drive them around the Red Planet making your journey faster.

To make it even more exciting, Mars4 is always hosting competitions related to the Mars game such as the building contest and the easter egg hunt. Anyone can participate in them for free and win valuable prizes such as newest vehicles, land NFTs and Mars4 dollars. You can find more information about these events on Twitter, Discord or Telegram.

The twist to the Mars game: Earning doesn't stop with competitions

Does earning from gaming sound like a dream come true? For many of us, it does - that is why the Mars4 team is preparing to integrate NFTs and cryptocurrency in the future Mars game patches.

You can already purchase Mars4 land plots and in-game vehicle NFTs. Land plot NFTs are unique pieces of Mars created with NASA data and will serve as playable zones in the game as soon as the blockchain is integrated into it. Vehicles are used for exploring land plots, mining and transporting resources.

You should know two things about Mars4 NFTs (both land plots and vehicles): they generate revenue for holders passively through the community pool and actively from the Mars game itself. Let us explain this in more detail.

Every time a transaction takes place with Mars4, a part of the revenue goes to the community pool. Be it a sale or an advertising deal, you will benefit from it. Landowners can open the community pool and redistribute its contents to NFT owners, meaning as long as you keep your land or vehicle NFTs, you will be collecting income!

The earnings do not stop there either: the game itself is a play-to-earn game. You will be able to earn from various activities on Mars. For example, you can gather resources and sell them to other players to earn from the Mars game.

In short, Mars4 was built by gamers for gamers who want to monetize their hobby. But as all gamers know, the fun element comes first - and thus the team is preparing an exciting Mars game that has never been seen before.

Mars Game: The Metaverse future

Invite your friends - the Mars4 game will grow into a full-blown Metaverse. With multiplayer integration, you can gather into colonies and build your future together with people you already know or just met during your journey on Mars.

The Mars game will allow players to visit each other and meet up in various public spaces. Anything that can happen on Earth eventually will happen on Mars too. Music events, Mars Olympics, weddings - you name it, all possible on the Metaverse.

The first multiplayer Mars game version is set to be released in 2023, Q1.

But that is not all - you are the owner of Mars4. The great thing about crypto projects is that they are community driven. The Mars game is no exception. Mars4 is aiming to create a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This means players and investors will be able to control the Mars game themselves by proposing and voting on ideas.

Next steps for the Mars game

As a familiar proverb tells us, Rome was not built in a day.

The exciting future of the Mars Metaverse will happen but before we can enjoy the full-blown multiplayer world with DAO integration, you can see the Mars game growing little by little.

The Mars game is improving with every patch: developers are working towards eliminating every bug in the game and constantly adding new features. New patches happen regularly, so you can easily expect to find something new in the Mars game every month - sometimes a few times per month!

This quarter Mars4 had two major events: the sale of the in-game vehicle Caripen GPRV and the Mars Control Center release.

The sale of the Caripen GPRV vehicle has already started. The Caripen GPRV is an exploration vehicle that lets you analyze your land and unlock various resources that are hidden in it that are essential for survival on Mars. To get more information on this vehicle, proceed to the vehicle page.

The Mars Control Center is a browser-based platform that allows investors and players to check their stats, collect revenue from the community pool, purchase and trade various assets. This is crucial for the Mars game as it gives tools to control your assets and income. With MCC you will be able to see your productivity score and vote to distribute the community pool, as well as view leaderboards and your assets.

Don't wait, the future of Metaverse Mars is almost here. Be an early pioneer and join the movement!

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