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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The recent hype created around non-fungible tokens, or simply NFTs, is huge. You probably have heard about NFTs already as the internet can not stop talking about them. In fact, the NFTs market continues to grow as more people join the hype and it is predicted that the growth will not stop any time soon.

The word NFT is also showing up in gamers' vocabularies as play-to-earn games are emerging. Keep reading to find out all there is to know about NFTs and how they are implemented into gaming.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens, or more commonly NFTs, are tokens based on blockchain, thus making them relatable to cryptocurrency. The major difference is their uniqueness which is described by fungibility.

While cryptocurrency is fungible, or replaceable, NFTs are not as they are one of the kind.

For example, if you have a one-dollar bill and exchange it with another bill of the same value, you will not become richer, nor poorer because you will end up with essentially the same thing. But if you exchange a drawing that your 3-year-old nephew splashed on a piece of paper for a Pablo Piccaso painting, you would become the man who made the best deal of their life. Unless your nephew is a secret genius that we soon are going to hear about, Pablo Piccaso's artwork is more expensive than your nephew's drawing and will hold the value way better. In this example, money bills are like cryptocurrency and artwork is like NFTs.

NFTs have various uses. For example, you can find personalized art, music, designs, land and so much more as NFTs. These NFTs are unique and irreplaceable in nature, making them stand out. Since people want something unique and different, and that’s precisely what these NFTs are, the hype surrounding NFTs is no wonder.

Did you know that today multiple people have sold approximately $69 billion worth of NFTs globally? With the rise in its popularity, the experts behind Mars4 came up with an excellent idea. They are selling and letting people have virtual access to Mars through NFTs!

The idea behind Mars4

The team behind Mars4 developed a plan to bridge humans to the Mars metaverse and create a fun and exciting experience that will generate income for the players.

Mars NFT ownership comes with multiple benefits as it gives access to the Mars metaverse and allows to build dream constructions on it. On the Mars metaverse, there will be shops, offices, galleries and many other commercial and public buildings.

The Mars4 platform is designed and used to encourage gamification and distribution of tokens amongst people willing to invest in it. It is planned to create attractive yields for investors in Mars NFTs. Come along and explore the world of the Mars Metaverse project, while earning attractive yields.

According to the team behind Mars4, a plan is to make a decentralized autonomous organization for all the people who own Mars land NFTs. The best part about owning a Mars token is that you’ll get ownership and become a contributing factor in multiple activities such as governance, various contacts, and even numerous auctions.

Join hands in a VR platform to participate and explore the planet Mars; it’s designed to benefit you!

Mars4: how to earn from the Mars metaverse project?

The project is vast and allows people to do multiple activities.

Join the Mars metaverse platform and experience a metaverse like no other! Be one of the first to join the metaverse on mars, explore the red planet and terraform your land. By shaping Mars NFT, you will be increasing its value and completing various tasks, such as transporting goods, will get you Mars4 dollars. Mars4 project aims to create a platform that allows players to earn simply by playing a game.

Investors will also earn passively from the game. You will be generating yield from your investment in Mars NFT. That’s right, by investing in land plots and by owning them, you can get financial benefits, thanks to the Mars4 community pool!

The community pool is a tool used to collect funds for NFT holders. Every transaction in the Mars4 ecosystem sets some money aside: be it a sale or an advertising deal, it all goes to the community pool. Landowners can vote to open the pool distributing its contents to all Mars4 NFT holders.

Mars 4 Vs Decentraland: What’s The Difference?

Mars4 Vs. Decentraland: Tokenomics

Both of the projects are based on the blockchain and implement double tokenomics.

Mars4 gives its investors access to two types of tokens that include the Mars land NFT and the Mars4 Dollar. The Mars metaverse project has a fixed NFT supply of 99,888, representing all the surface of Mars. You can check the virtual map with Mars NFTs by clicking here.

Decentraland has double tokenomics as well. Their currency is called MANA, and their land plot NFTs are simply called LAND.

The land parcel of Mars4 and Decentraland is 38 km by 38km and 16 meters by 16 meters, respectively! The marketplace of both of them varies accordingly; on Mars4, you’ll be able to find features such as craters, various mountains, and multiple beautiful locations. But at the same time, Decentraland’s marketplace has estates, multiple parcels, multiple names, and wearables.

Mars4 vs Decentraland: Metaverse

Both of the games are metaverses.

The big difference is that Mars4 is a project mainly designed to focus on giving virtual access to Mars. They provide you with NFTs on Mars, whereas Decentraland isn’t specific on its virtual world access location.

Mars4 will also be a survival game where players will struggle against the harsh environment of Mars. Players will join into full-fledged habitats to increase the chances of their survival.

Mars4 vs Decentraland: Play-to-earn

Both of the games can be considered to be play-to-earn games.

On Mars4, you will be earning from completing tasks, gathering and trading resources, and, if you have Mars NFTs, from transactions taken on your land. Decentraland incorporates various mini-games that grant you NFTs, such as cosmetic items, that can be later sold on the marketplace.


Both Decentraland and Mars4 are play-to-earn games based on blockchain and implementing land plot NFTs, cryptocurrency. Mars4 aims to be a metaverse, so you can explore the Mars NFT, join communities and have fun. Mars4 is a survival game where your main task will be to survive, and Decentraland is a virtual world with mini-games incorporated in them. Mars4 follows the aesthetics of the Red Planet, while Decentraland is based on unspecified land. Both projects are growing and are good investments.

Want to know more about the project and get the freshest news first? Join Mars4 Discord and Telegram channels.

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