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Mars4: Phobos and Deimos X Lore

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Deimos & Phobos

When the Romans looked to the skies and saw Mars, they let the fear of the unknown guide them. That singular red dot was to them, a threat, a manifestation of their ancient god of war. This god of war is orbited by his two sons, Deimos and Phobos, the personification of dread before battle and the fear and panic that settles once battle begins.

As a society, with the twin Struggles behind us, we have put aside the superstitions of our past. We have come to Mars with a mission of peace and do not intend to be ruled by fear and dread.

We came to Mars to create opportunities and build a future.

One built separate from the mistakes of Terra Mater’s past and present.

As the United Nations steps up its efforts to deliver rovers and other vital equipment to Mars for the benefit of the colonists, there exists an opportunity to make use of older antiques from Earth’s pre-struggle days.

It was decided to take a collection of old-Earth classic vehicles and modify them for use on the Martian soil, though with only a few of these vehicles still extant there wouldn’t be a great many to send. Thus, the Phobos series electric rover/truck hybrid was adapted for use on Mars. Their good performance and handling alongside their cargo capacity makes them a strong all-purpose vehicle for use on the Martian surface by colonists. For the mission teams making use of either of these classic vehicles, their additional suite of pre-built electronic systems give them boosted command & control capabilities. For commanders of Martian missions, this additional electronic suite allows for greater mining and exploration efficiency when setting out.

The Phobos is complemented with a singular release of the Deimos, the museum-piece classic of its time.

Let the charioteers of fear and dread personified carry you across the surface of the red planet.

Let Deimos and Phobos guide you as you reject the unknown and conquer Mars for yourself.

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