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Mars4: September 2023 Monthly Recap

Greetings, everyone in the Mars4 community!

In our latest monthly recap, we would like to extend a special hello and highlight some recent breakthroughs from the team's September developments. We are excited to announce that we have successfully reached some significant milestones, which we look forward to sharing with you all.

The team is delighted to disclose three recently launched items to the community.

The first is the launch of Phobos and Deimos X, an antique classic from Earth refitted to work on the surface of the Red Planet, taking colonists to and fro with ease and style. The second is the Bullionaire, Mars’ first robotic pet. With its sizable inventory space, Bullionaire will be an invaluable asset to colonists on Mars and via the MCC, as it provides colonists a helpful hand as they steer (pun-intended) their way towards a bull market.

Mars4’s third item is the first decoration set, a series of cosmetic constructions for players to liven-up their bases on the red planet as they bring a more homely, lived-in style to their homes.

To bolster our thriving community, we have consistently hosted events aimed at bringing players together. In September, we organised the Tesla charging station building competition, we held an AMA with Nick to bring further insight to the game’s direction, and provided a 20% bonus to resources minted. We hope you all managed to get yourself some nice bonuses during this time!

In continuation, we are proud to announce our partnerships with notable groups and companies including: Epic Games, Zoo.Games, Fancy Bears, and Clarnium. Also, Mars4 has completed a campaign alongside Milkroad as the team takes efforts to spread the project’s visibility further.

With the month at its end, Mars4 is happy to announce that the team is looking forward to delivering more results for and to our community.

From Earth to Mars.

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