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Mars4 Yearly Review 2022

2022 has seen the Mars4 team continue to not only meet the year’s targets, but exceed them too. This year has been especially strong for the project despite the so-called “Crypto-Winter” that struck the market. This is due to the project’s development progress towards the full release of the Mars4 3D game, the release of the 3D game demo, and the delivery of the Mars Control Center. The Mars4 team is proud to show that quality products are entirely possible in the realm of NFT games and looks forward to further demonstrating that quality throughout the next year.

Mars4 yearly review 2022

The development of the Mars4 full 3D game started and continued strong through the year with notable highlights including the release of the singleplayer game demo, the release of the Mars Control Center (MCC), and the VR movie. The singleplayer game demo has allowed the project to showcase the progress made in development as well as to test the core gameplay loops and game features. The singleplayer demo represents an important milestone to the Mars4 project as it doubles as both a demonstration of proof of concept and a testing ground for economic balance and feature balance.

The success of the singleplayer demo coupled well with the release of the MCC later in the year. The Mars Control Center is the first step towards the full integration of NFT assets, blockchain and the Mars4 survival game. The current stage of the MCC allows users to deploy their NFT assets into the game demo (such as vehicle NFTs), utilise their NFT assets to earn $MARS4, vote on community distributions, and is the springboard from which further integrations between the game will be introduced.

The release of the Mars4 VR experience also helped establish an important milestone for the project, serving as a demonstration of the vision that the Mars4 team looked forward to bringing to life in the following years.

The Mars4 team also oversaw the introduction of several token listings and the integration of staking for the very same. Through this year, Mars4 worked to allow for listings on Kucoin, PancakeSwap, and Latoken (although Latoken was later delisted). This, coupled with the introduction of staking via these platforms helped provide options to the Mars4 community as a whole.

The year continued from strength to strength as the Mars4 team also introduced further in-game assets and MCC integrations. These include the less glamorous resources that are mined via the MCC and added to each players’ wallets to the full vehicle NFTs. The Vehicle NFTs available to use in the MCC are fully integrated into the 3D game and are able to be deployed, driven, and used in the singleplayer game. So far, the Mars4 team has launched the Caripen GT and the Karkanda Exo Transport, two vehicles designed for the exploitation, exploration and development of colonies and lands on Mars.

The Mars4 community has also seen significant growth over the course of 2022 (as much as 104,000!) and the team oversaw the establishment of the first B2B offices on Mars, the first community pool distribution to NFT owners, and the establishment of partnerships with other NFT projects. These changes have gone hand in hand with the team’s decision to focus the economy on long term growth handled in part by the shift from Epochs to the Community Pool Distributions. This coupled with the flash campaigns and giveaways ensured that Mars4 has continued to grow and engage its community while also setting the groundwork for establishing a steady, but powerful engine of growth.

Mars4 is proud to have the support of all 214,000 of its worldwide community members and looks forward to strengthening those bonds as well as further increasing the numbers of individuals who see Mars4 as the future of NFT gaming.

It is clear that despite the shock of the Crypto Winter this year, Mars4 has not only weathered it, but is set to thaw its way out of the winter on the strength of its project and passionate community. Mars4 continues to prove that quality is its forté and looks forward to delivering this same quality through the year ahead on the steady path to full release. The team is proud to share its vision and scope for the coming year which is available to all via the roadmap in the whitepaper.

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