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Mars4: May 2024 Monthly Recap

Updated: Jul 8

Greetings to our worldwide community from the Mars4 team. This month has seen the launch of a slew of incredible updates and events, and we are proud to continue delivering results for our investors and colonists. With May behind us, we look forward to powering through June! Here's the May Monthly Recap for you to catch up.

A Martian colonist resting on a patio on Martian surface

May has seen several major milestones achieved by the team. Perhaps the greatest milestone for our community has been the release of crafting on both the Mars Control Center and the Mars4 survival game. Players will be keen to make use of their raw resources to refine and construct components, and even assemble a whole host of advanced weaponry alongside their Titans. The release of crafting also coincides with the launch of a new update that saw a new threat emerging on the surface of the red planet, a remnant of an old automated colonisation programme as well as the introduction of PVP arenas. 

As part of the team’s continued efforts to improve Mars4’s outreach and expand our international community, a good number of events were launched over the course of May. The Mars Control Center enjoyed free mining days where colonists and vehicles could be deployed without cost during the first weekend of May and we’re certain our players were able to benefit from the additional resources (especially with regards to the release of crafting functionality!). This was followed swiftly by the release of a special opportunity for players to obtain a 6-slot land via the Land Mystery Box.

Additionally, our players will be delighted to know that a month-long building competition was launched on 17th May with great prizes to be earned by participants!

Furthermore, as per our community’s vote, a Community Pool Distribution was held between the 10th and 16th of May. This was followed by Mars4 joining the BGA Alliance and a participation in X Space on Mario Nawfal’s Roundtable.   

May also saw major progress for Mars Battle’s development which saw a record total of 40,000 downloads achieved. The increased awareness of Mars Battle is no doubt partly due to this month’s release of a MacOS compatible version on the Epic Games Store. Mars Battle has also seen a new update featuring a new teaser map alongside the launch of the $SHOOT token on the BASE network on Uniswap. In addition, Mars Battle’s token was listed on the Bitrue Exchange, further cementing the token's availability and usability.

As always, the team here at Mars4 looks forward to hearing back from our investors, our community, and our players. Mars4 continues its efforts to establish and hold itself at the forefront of NFT gaming and looks forward to bringing further successes to our greater community in June.

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