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Mars4: October 2023 Monthly Recap

From the Mars4 team to our community, we hope you’re all enjoying the spookiest month of the year. We’re delighted to share the updates that have come this October as the team continues their work on the Mars4 project. This month has seen several major updates and we are proud to continue to deliver excellence to our colonists.

The month of Halloween kicked off with the introduction of a unique spider pet, the Neo-Auton Cyborg or ‘Nancy’. Much as the Bullionaire pet, Nancy is a helpful companion capable of providing utility in the form of minor inventory capacity in the field, and resource scanning through the Mars Control Center.

The month continued with several bonuses making their way to the MCC’s store page. The first was the Mad Bundle, which saw Mars4’s unique Click Beetle, bundled alongside Bullionaire, the noble load-bearing companion. The second was the introduction of blueprints on the MCC, allowing colonists to expand their structures and bases on the MCC’s empire management page.

October also saw further collaborations between Mars4 and influencers with this month introducing collabs with CryptoStashe, CoinAcademy.Fr, and Sanjay. The team’s efforts with community enhancement also included a favourable article featured on Cointelegraph. This was also accompanied by this month’s DAO vote regarding the ability to unlock (and transfer) sold-out NFT collections.

For our players and community as a whole, we’re also proud to announce that coinciding with the return of blueprints to the MCC, the team has also established a new ‘Empire’ page for the MCC. This UI update is designed to streamline and better visualize each owner’s lands and assets, as well as improve the ease of mission operations.

Finally, the major part of this month’s efforts on the ground here at Mars4 have been devoted to the development and future introduction of the multiplayer game. The core foundations of the multiplayer game require significant effort and the team decided to use the month of October to accelerate development goals. This does mean that the end of October have not seen a single-player patch published, but we’re looking forward to launching multiplayer in the near term and bringing our colonists together on the surface of the red planet.

From here at the Mars4 team to our community, we hope you all had a pleasant Halloween and look forward to the updates we’ll be bringing!

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2 opmerkingen

Russell Spehr
Russell Spehr
08 nov. 2023

Very impressive guys. This game is very addictive. I look goward to future updates so glad i found the


Fuzzy Limun
Fuzzy Limun
07 nov. 2023

Great to know that the focus in on the multiplayer and looking forward to play the multiplayer with the new visuals and all mechanics that the single player has and hopefully more ❤️

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