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$SHOOT Airdrop Vesting: Explained

Updated: May 10

Mars Battle’s TGE (Token Generation Event) took place on the 16th of April releasing the $SHOOT token to the greater public. As part of the efforts to drive greater cooperation between the project and investors, the TGE coincides with a secondary event aimed at rewarding long-term Mars4 investors whose continued support has helped ensure Mars4 remains at the forefront of NFT gaming. 

With that in mind, Mars Battle is delighted to share specific details of the $SHOOT Token’s Airdrop Vesting Schedule which will see rewards distributed in two separate periods.

Mars Battle is an arena-based third-person shooter aimed at bringing high-octane action to the surface of the red planet. To better guide the development of the Mars Battle game and reward our globe-spanning community, Mars4 Landowners will be awarded $SHOOT tokens distributed from a pool of 10,056,000 to their crypto wallets.

The first stage of awarded $SHOOT tokens has taken place alongside the Mars Battle TGE where 10% of the landowner pool was distributed to Mars4 Land NFT owners.

The second stage will see the remaining 90% of the pool distributed by a scheduled airdrop to landowners following a two-month cliff.

The schedule is structured to allow Mars Battle the opportunity to demonstrate that it is worthy of the name and quality that Mars4 has brought to the NFT and crypto-space, while also ensuring that the company rewards the dedication and commitment shown by our investors over the years.

The Details:

The secondary distribution that sees 90% of the pool distributed to landowners starts July 17th according to the following schedule:

  • Each quarter will see 22.5% of the pool distributed (7.5% per month). 

  • These $SHOOT tokens will be available to claim linearly through each quarter.

However, if your lands are moved from your original wallet, you will no longer be eligible for the Airdrop in the following quarter.

To ensure the accuracy of the distribution, snapshots of landowner wallets, who have purchased lands before $SHOOT TGE, will be taken on the following dates:

July 17th 2024

October 17th 2024

January 17th 2025

April 17th 2025

Additionally, the Mars Battle team is happy to announce further supportive offerings for Mars4 Land NFT owners who have already expressed support for the Mars Battle project. Mars4 Land NFT owners will also receive an additional 50% bonus on their purchases of $SHOOT during the Launchpad and Community Rounds.

Own the land and battlefields of Mars as we aim for the stars.

ATTENTION! Even after all $SHOOT tokens are vested, they can still be claimed, and there is no time limit for claiming.

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