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Shrike V7 Jetbike Lore

To those on Earth living in the overcrowded arcologies, Mars presents a literal world of opportunity. While colonists took to the work of settling across the face of the red planet in waves, UN-approved corporates busied themselves with winning tenders and developing useful tools and gear for colonists to use.

It was the Baltic Arcology corporation, Dynacore, that latched onto an innovative and wild idea: Thrustercraft. Earth’s atmosphere and gravity made small-scale individual thruster-powered craft economically and practically inefficient. However, the successful flights of the Martian jetpacks served to prove that Mars’ thinner atmosphere and weaker gravitational field allowed for new innovations to flourish.

The Shrike V7 Jetbike is the first of its kind, a thruster-equipped vehicle capable of limited flight, hover capability, and rapid transit across Mars. It is proof that no matter the challenge, humanity is more than able to adapt themselves to new surroundings and develop powerful tools to improve conditions.

The Shrike will serve to ensure colonists enjoy greater productivity and a fast, capable vehicle with which to explore and traverse the dusty expanse of the red planet.

Rise to heights hitherto unknown with the Shrike V7 and claim even the skies of Mars.

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