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Time On Mars: Everyone Will Have An Opportunity To Explore Both During The Night And Day

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

One day on Mars is about the same length as a day on Earth. If Mars4 time would match the real world time, some people would get stuck in a never-ending night. Today on the "You ask, we answer" rubric we will see how our game developers have solved this issue.

Will the time in the game run at the same rate as in real time?

It won't. We will be speeding up the time in the game for several reasons. First of all, if we stuck with real world time, needs like food and water wouldn't change much from day to day and would remove food and water as a consumable commodity. Secondly, it might be unenjoyable for players to be locked in. A Martian day is almost identical to ours and is longer by only 37 minutes. If time progressed at its real world rate, it's entirely conceivable for players on Earth to find themselves stuck permanently playing at night or day due to their own schedules.

The current plan for Mars1 is to have a 60 minute day/night cycle with 30-45 minutes of workable daylight and 15 minutes of full darkness where the temperatures drop the most. As I've said before, Mars1 will be testing this and based on feedback we may make adjustments to the timescale, but I am confident we'll stick to that.

Want to know more about the upcoming game? If you join Mars4 Telegram and Discord channels, you will be the first to get the news!

Mars4 game answers: Time on Mars

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