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Top 10 Web3 games that are worth checking out in 2022

Web3 games are games that run on a blockchain. They use cryptocurrency as in-game currency and incorporate various in-game items that are created as NFTs. This allows players to truly own their assets, as, unlike with traditional gaming your assets are in your wallet which is separate from the gaming platform. Many claim these games are destined to take over traditional gaming as they offer more rewarding experiences to players.

Web3 games are gaining popularity because of their ability to provide a unique opportunity for gamers and allow them to monetize their hobby.

As early investments could generate the best ROI (return on investment), it is worth checking out these top 10 Web3 games before they become the next big thing in the future.

Top  10 Web3 games

Top 10 Web3 games

Wizardia is a fantasy Metaverse game that allows players to collect wizards and fight with other players. This game takes the conventional RPG idea and elevates it to a new level by incorporating play-to-earn mechanics into the mix as many of the assets are NFTs. As the game is still in the process, it is reassuring to see well-made game graphics in the game demo.

Illuvium is one of the most exciting projects in the top 10 web3 games list that are currently in development. It is an autobattler game built on the Ethereum Blockchain allowing players to own various NFTs such as land, illuvitars and illuvials. In the future, players will be able to earn from playing the game. With the illuvium beta already out for a selected few, the impressive gameplay shows the potential for further growth.

You can’t make a list of the top 10 web3 games without Star Atlas because it is one of the most anticipated NFT games ever.

Star Atlas is a virtual gaming metaverse that takes players to the year 2620. In the game, users may explore and make money while they explore the darkest depths of space in a metaverse the size of a galaxy. The developers have leaked quite a few visuals of the game and launched a showroom pre-alpha game demo where players can explore and view NFTs.

A new NFT game called Tamadoge is a metaverse where players can breed and train their Tamadoge pets. In order to unlock more prizes, players compete against other Tamadoge NFT holders. As the game's features develop, augmented reality encounters will be added, enabling players to communicate with one another. The game is still in the development process and is expected to be launched in 2023, Q3.


AFAR is a game that combines various genres. Players will race, shoot, and gather points in the PvP mode. They will be able to collect a variety of resources in mining mode to earn NFT rewards. In spaceship mode, gamers will be able to travel across the galaxy to find various goods. In addition, AFAR will be used as a social hub to connect with people and hang out with friends. These fun activities make AFAR worth mentioning in the top 10 Web3 games list.

The Walking Dead Empires is an MMO survival RPG game based on the widely renowned TV series "The Walking Dead". In the game, players must battle and survive against the undead. Various tools such as guns are sold as NFTs created by Gala Games. While it is still in development, early footage from the game shows the potential to grow into one of the most popular NFT games, so it is surely worth being mentioned in the top 10 web3 games list.

Guild of Guardians is an exciting action RPG mobile game with blockchain integrations. In order to compete against others in a guild and win tradeable goods, players build their own squad of "Guardians". While it will include NFTs, Guild of Guardians is one of the games that will be free to start. The Alpha-Testnet is expected to become live in the second half of 2022 and a complete game release is anticipated for the second half of 2023.

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder similar to Animal Crossing. It is being developed by Antler Interactive, a seasoned game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The game blends the best of both worlds by providing a lighthearted story for players combined with an environment for investors who like to accumulate and exchange NFTs.

Open-world mobile MMORPG called Treeverse is another great pick for Web3 game enthusiasts. They offer various NFTs, one of them being Nftrees. They are trees that produce fruits that depend on the traits of the tree. You will be able to battle and complete various quests in the game. The studio behind the project aims to establish itself as the "Runescape of blockchain games." The game is still in the early development stages but deserves a mention in the top 10 Web3 games list.

10. Mars4

Mars4 is one of the NFT games that are showing great potential as it is a fun AAA-quality survival game.

Sandbox elements can be found in Mars4 because it lets users construct different kinds of buildings, such as homes. While a station is necessary for survival on Mars, players can also have fun creating imaginative structures like hotels, gyms or offices. Mars4 gives players the freedom to express their creativity, yet surviving on Mars is the ultimate objective.

The game demo is already out for Windows and anyone can download it for free. A multiplayer version of the Mars4 game is the project's next phase.

The platform enables gamers to profit from gaming by integrating NFTs and cryptocurrency (Mars4 dollars) into the game.

All NFT assets from Mars4 have an in-game purpose.

For example, Mars4 land plots are used as playable zones. Owning a portion of Mars4 allows you to terraform it and mine various resources needed for survival. Additionally, you may use it to organize events or expand your business.

Vehicle NFTs are another type of NFT item you can employ in the game. If you purchase Mars4 vehicles now, you can already drive them in the game.

Outstanding graphics and fun gameplay make Mars4 worth going into the Top 10 Web3 games list.

Ready to jump into Web3 games?

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