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A hundredfold opportunity for Mars4: income-generating NFT + scarce land on Mars ✨

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

This article is an analysis of DZ CRYPTO VENTURE CAPITAL reflecting essence of Mars4. Originally published version in Chinese can be found here.

“GameFI’s hot market caught people off guard. Before the first half of the year, many people did not expect that the capital would be so enthusiastic about NFT games.

If you want to make huge profits in this increasingly competitive chain game market, you must be one step ahead. A forward-looking vision will discover hidden opportunities that others have not noticed.

To find the hidden opportunity in the complicated NFT games, we can simplify the complexity and change our thinking:

Since the budding of the meta-universe world has begun to blur the boundary between reality and virtuality, for example, making money in games is almost equivalent to making money in reality.

Smart investors will soon realize that the land investment with the most global consensus in the real world will also become the direction of wealth pursuit in Yuanzhou game in the future.

Therefore, when we no longer treat games as games, open our minds and understand the nature of Daozhijian’s investment, and we will find some hundredfold opportunities that others have not noticed.

Follow the train of thought and focus on land resource experience games. We will find that there is a well-known masterpiece in this field — Decentraland.

Decentraland is also the first fully decentralized virtual world where players can travel and buy ready-made buildings and land.

The soaring of its Token-MANA ​​also proves that the market’s pursuit of resource games is no less than that of battle/cultivation games.


Our team then made a summary of all resource experience games, and in-depth screening of several new projects that have not yet been listed.

We screened and found that one of the projects fully met our investment indicators — Mars4, a Mars land resource game that combined an income-generating NFT model.

Before we reveal the wealth code of this game, let’s take a look at the top venture capital institutions behind this game:

Mars4 has completed the entire seed round of financing with leading venture capital cryptocurrency funds. Such as the CEOs of Exnetwork, OSAZ, Hello Capital, and Blue Node Capital, DWeb3 Capital, Stake Capital, Tenzor Capital and angel investors of Multicoin Capital and the founders of Quantstamp.

It is worth mentioning that the founder and team of the star chain game project Illuvium have participated in the investment, which shows that the strength and connotation of the project are sufficient to attract the attention of capital.

Then we return to Mars4 to see what is special about it, which can make it a wealth code for land resource games.

Project highlights

Let me ask you, why on the earth, human beings want to prove that they have the ownership/use rights of a certain piece of land. Do they use fences to raise sheep and plant trees??

Haha, just kidding, these two choices are of course not the correct answer, because the current human civilization is a highly developed contract society.

In terms of land, a financial contract form based on a textual contract has long been formed, that is, a land title certificate is used to prove that you have the ownership/use right to a certain plot.

What about Mars?

Human beings have fallen into an infinite fascination with this red planet no matter from their own development or outer space exploration.

Have you ever imagined owning a piece of your own private territory on Mars? But is Mars controlled by the government of a certain country?

If there is no centralized organization capable of recognizing the Martian land contract, does that mean that we will never be able to occupy the sacred Martian land in our hearts?

Perhaps in a centralized world, this ideal is indeed very far away, but the emergence of a decentralized meta-universe world provides us with a virtual link to reality…

Hello, I am your Mars private property consultant, C. Let me introduce you to this plot:

This is the Mars №2 plot, named “Ascraeus Mons”.

Ascraeus Mons is a large shield volcano located in the Tharsis region of Mars.

With a height of over 18 kilometers, it is the northernmost and highest of the three shield volcanoes collectively known as Mount Tarsis. It was discovered by the Mariner 9 spacecraft in 1971. Are you interested?

What!? Do you want to find a volcano bigger than this?

No problem, yes, the plot below should be able to meet your requirements.

This is the Mars №1 plot, named “Olympus Mons”, a huge shield-shaped volcano on Mars.

Mount Olympus is more than 21 kilometers above sea level, which is about 2.5 times the elevation of Mount Everest.

It is often referred to as the largest volcano in the solar system. It is the highest planetary mountain and the second highest mountain, comparable to Rhea Silvia on Vesta.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Haha, come back to reality and see these exquisite and high-definition Mars plots. Are they different from the game plots you imagined?

That’s right, Mars4’s game scene is a 3D replica of Mars constructed based on NASA data. Players exploring Mars in this game are just as interesting as using Google to explore the Earth on our planet.

Great, this is the first special feature of Mars4, it is a highly realistic metaverse Mars virtual world.

You will be able to use VR to explore virtual Mars in it, which is more realistic than 3D games made by other computers, and it is easier to immerse players in it.

As we all know, due to the scarcity of the earth’s land resources, it has been the number one resource plundered by all nations in the world throughout the ages, and its wealth consensus has continued to this day.

In fact, if humans all immigrate to Mars one day, there is no doubt that the land resources of Mars will also become the object of competition for future civilizations.

Is there a better way for mankind to obtain real wealth and resources while avoiding war?

There is! The metaverse has begun to blur the boundary between reality and virtuality. Mars4 is the kind of VR exploration game with a highly realistic experience that allows players to truly feel that this planet is the yearning in their hearts. This will also produce the desire to occupy the land resources of Mars.

You know, the ultimate success of a game is not the result of deliberately using a certain technology, but just finding that the technology perfectly fits a certain internal need, thus contributing to the success of the game.

How do you prove that you own a certain territory?

Since the land contract on the earth needs to be recognized by a centralized organization, then on Mars, we will use decentralized assets to prove it!

That’s right, using NFT homogenization Token, so that you do not need a centralized organization, but also can prove that you have a unique land asset.

If you understand the logic of taking advantage of the trend and not being artificial, you will find that the core of the game’s success lies in whether it can solve the desire for a certain unique experience.

Technology is just an aid, and has nothing to do with complicated economic models. For example, some 2D games are very simple and seem nothing special, but they are still popular. This requires you to thoroughly study the core of things to truly understand the success. Logic.

Obviously, Mars4 satisfies the core logic of whether the game can succeed-the sense of experience, which greatly increases the confidence of the small partners in this project.

Economic model

The economic model of Mars4 signifies that you can make the game even better and achieve a hundredfold sprint.

Those who have invested in Mars4 NFT, while realizing their unique desire for land ownership, of course also hope that their land will continue to appreciate.

There was news before that Kieran, the co-founder of Illuvium, bought a virtual plot of Axie Infinity for US$300 last year and then sold it for US$28,000, making a profit of 9200%.

Does the Mars land on our Mars4 also have huge potential for appreciation?

Of course! You must know that on Mars4, one of the NFT units is equivalent to a unique piece of land on Mars, but these plots are in limited supply, a total of 99,888 unique plots of supply.

If you think about it, the number of players in resource experience games is also huge, and this unique more than 90,000 plots will eventually become a scarce product.

Coupled with the exquisite experience of the game, the desire for resource occupation will prompt players to buy more land, which will definitely make the Mars land of Mars4 have great appreciation potential.

Secondly, tokens are definitely needed to purchase these plots, and only MARS4 dollars can be used to purchase plots in the game.

MARS4 Token is the game pass of Mars4, with an initial supply of 29.9 billion. Don’t be frightened by this supply. Let’s continue to look at Mars NFT’s revenue-generating model to see how awesome it is.

Take a look at what is written in the first chapter of Mars4’s official website:

Existing NFTs can provide proof of ownership, but will not generate fixed income.

The so-called “Revenue Generating NFT” (Revenue Generating NFT) refers to the revenue generating system pioneered by Mars4.

NFT holders can not only own land ownership, but also earn income through the transfer of topography and the virtual economy.

Because the land transaction in the game requires MARS4 Token, part of the handling fee will be distributed to Mars4 NFT holders, and the pass system has a MARS4 Token pledge pool, and part of the pledge rewards will also be distributed to Mars4 NFT holders.

So the vernacular is that holding Mars4 NFT will have double income from trading and Farm, and the monthly return is as high as 30%!

The NFT is the Mars plot that represents Mars4, and its appreciation potential has just been proven from the perspective of the game.

Now there is also the blessing of the “income-generating NFT” system pioneered by Mars4 in the world. Grabbing NFT is like grabbing the right to collect rent. Can you say that these Martian plots will not appreciate!?

In addition to the appreciation potential of NFT plots, MARS4 Token is also very explosive, because Mars4 uses a dual-token economic model:

As shown in the figure above, of the nearly 30 billion MARS4 Token, 1/3 will be burned to cast a limited supply of NFT plots.

However, these Mars NFT plots can only be purchased with MARS4 Token, so it is actually a deflationary token.

Token value

Then we analyze the value of MARS4 Token from two perspectives:

First of all, if you are a Mars4 NFT holder, it is like you are the landlord of Mars.

In addition to the double income of transactions and farms with monthly returns of up to 30% in the economic system, the NFT farmer participating in Yield farming will also receive Token rewards (2% will be allocated to NFT farmers, and the system will be based on the NFTs you hold. The quantity is allocated).

So you are definitely reluctant to sell the NFT in your hand. The next rewarded NFT Farmer just wants to buy more NFT land. Purchasing land will increase the demand for MARS4 Token.

As mentioned earlier, because of the destruction mechanism, MARS4 Token is actually a deflationary Token, so the demand for buying NFT land and the decrease in circulation will greatly increase the price of MARS4 Token.

Secondly, because of the value equation, the increase in the price of NFT land will increase the price of Token. “The price of 1NFT=199,888 MARS4 Token”.

This built-in NFT revenue and the dual Token economic model generated by the Token redistribution system will eventually attract more players to enter the market to purchase NFT land to become Mars landlords, which makes MARS4 Token have a strong explosive potential.

Mars4’s IDO is scheduled to be conducted on Sushi’s MISO platform in mid-September. If you are interested in this project, please don’t miss it.

Investment is risky. The views and opinions in this article represent only the author and do not constitute any suggestions.

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