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BREAKING: Abandoned Cargo Drives Martian Land Rush

Full Coverage: UN declaration that cargo and wreckage of the Ereshkigal are considered legally abandoned initiates ‘land rush’ on Mars.

Shock followed the declaration by the UN that the cargo and wreckage of Transport Ereshkigal were to be declared abandoned property in the aftermath of the disaster.

“In light of the fact that Earth and Mars are at apogee and given that Ereshkigal was intended to remain on-station at Mars’ L5, any attempts at launching a recovery mission from Earth would be a waste of resources.”

The announcement by the UN’s General Assembly came as a surprise following the previous decision to hold a day of mourning. The decision has served only to embolden several of the arcologies that have previously agitated for Earth-centric policies.

Several Martian colonist groups have been quick to buy lands where debris from Ereshkigal was scattered in a bid to secure the now-abandoned cargo.

In related news, Dynacore, Terra Communications, and Exo have dropped 22, 39, and 17 points respectively at close of trading today. 

Sky-Eye Crash Site: Around Land #33311

Ereshkigal Cargo Manifest: Blueprints, Shrikes (Classic), Land Deeds (2-slot), Shire Rovers (Classic), Nancies and countless resources.

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