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Mars4: April 2024 Monthly Recap

To all our Martians, our world-wide community and our investors, the team at Mars4 is happy to extend our greetings with the conclusion of April. This past month has seen the introduction of a new game mode, multiple AMA sessions, release of Mars Battle, the listing of $SHOOT and its launch on well known launchpads, and two strategic partnerships.

April has seen significant development for Mars4 with the launch of several major events. For the colonists and our community, the Mars4 multiplayer game has introduced vast dust storms that engulf large areas and enable PVP within them. Make use of craftable weapons and engage others while hidden from the watchful eyes of UN satellites.

For our investors, this month saw major success in the form of the $SHOOT token’s listing on SushiSwap and MEXC for ETH and USDT respectively. The Mars4 team is also proud to announce that on each and all of the Enjinstarter, Solanium, TokenFi, BSCS, Spores Network launchpads, the $SHOOT token was entirely sold out! 

For our long term supporters and greater community, the launch of $SHOOT went hand-in-hand with a special ongoing airdrop event. Through this year, owners of Mars4 Land NFTs will receive airdrops of $SHOOT to their crypto wallets in recognition for their support over the years.

April continued with the team participating in three separate AMA sessions with Arcade, Enjinstarter, and Spores Network respectively. These AMAs coincided with the establishment of strategic partnerships with Floki and IBC Group which in turn provide Mars Battle the support it needs to ensure it is able to deliver quality. As part of the team’s efforts to support the development of Mars Battle, the game itself was made live on the Epic Games Store, allowing the Mars Battle team to expand its outreach to potential players and interested parties.

The month ended with an exclusive opportunity for the Mars4 team to explore and discuss its ecosystem on IBC Group founder Mario Nawfal’s Twitter Space. The discussion covered the latest developments in web3, GameFi, and Mars4.

With June ahead, it falls to the team to continue their best efforts to deliver continual and strong results for our investors and players. We look forward to bringing new exciting updates for Mars4’s games, to improving Mars4’s position, and bringing home the very best for our community whether they tread the dust of Mars or look up to the stars from Mother Earth.

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