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Mars4: December 2023 Monthly Recap

Greetings to our community from Mars4! With 2023 now behind us, the year has been one of great progress for Mars4 and our community. Mars4 continued to deliver strong results to our players and investors across the globe despite the challenges presented through 2023. The Mars4 project’s success can be attributed to a commitment to excellence, the maintenance of a talented team, and perhaps most of all, the continual engagement and provision of opportunities for our community. 

December was marked by several notable milestones from the release of the Multiplayer Alpha, to the provision of greater opportunities for staking, as well as several new and exciting items such as the Shrike V7. In addition, the year was capped with the teaser for the new pvp mode as requested by our community. 

The initial release of multiplayer allowed the team to test the multiplayer environment and general performance and the past month was followed by upgrading the multiplayer experience to feature all the enhancements found in the singleplayer game. The road ahead for the multiplayer release is to continue the development and addition of new modes of play, deeper, more immersive mechanics, and more complex and exciting gameplay.

The successes of multiplayer were additionally buoyed up by the launch of several new products for our players to enjoy either through the MCC or in the multiplayer game. Most notable of these products were the release of the first ever pets on Mars (Nancy and Bullionaire), the high-speed and versatile Shrike V7, and the humble but futuristic Deimos X (via OpenSea). Together these items have helped provide additional methods for colonists to explore and expand across the surface.

The month ended strong with the team providing a bevy of great deals for our community and opportunities for our players and investors to benefit. This included the new breeding season for owned NFT colonists, free mining days prior to the end of the year, and the launch of a new staking programme. 

Finally, the year closed with pre-explored lands for MCC users offered on sale and a group of holiday bundle deals for our users to enter the new year with a great start!

With 2024 now underway, Mars4 looks forward to continuing to deliver quality that sets new standards on Earth as we blast off to the red planet together.

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