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Mars4: November 2023 Monthly Recap

Greetings, fellow Martians! The Mars4 team would like to extend a warm welcome to our community as we close out the month of November. We are excited to provide a summary of our achievements this past month that our dedicated teams have been hard at work to deliver.

The first item that the team is proud to share with the community is the release of the Duster Colonist. These colonists roam far beyond the frontiers of what passes for civilization on Mars and possess a rugged independence that surpasses even that of the pioneers. Dusters are available for use in both the MCC and 3D game and bring a touch of the wilderness home to colonists.

The month’s successes continued on with the signing of additional partnerships, each serving to further strengthen Mars4’s position within the NFT and Crypto space. Notably, November saw a strategic partnership formed with Magic Craft and the launch of Mars4’s pre-registration signup via Wemixplay, ensuring that Mars4 would continue to reach a wider audience while the team continues to progress the development of the project.

Additionally, November saw a further update to the Mars4 roadmap. The Mars4 team is proud to continue to meet targets and deliver the excellence our community has come to expect from our project.

The month has also seen two events hosted for our community, namely the ‘Build To The Moon’ and ‘Gameplay Highlight Showdown’ events. Each event was made available to the whole community with rewards for the winners such as the Bullionaire pet and blueprints for use in the MCC!

Finally, Mars4 is excited to announce the opening of a new round of staking for the $Mars4 which features up to 197% APY, offering a fantastic deal to our larger community.

Whether you’re commanding colonies from orbit or on the ground with red dust beneath your boots, we here at Mars4 hope you have had a great November and continue to enjoy the developments we bring!

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