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Demo Version Of Mars1: Will Take Place On One Of The Developer's Lands

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

As you might have heard already, the Demo version of the Mars game is going to be released in Q2 of this year for all of the landowners to try. We know you are excited to explore your lands - but will you be able to do that in the demo version?

Will Mars1 allow players to build on their actual NFTs or is it a simulation?

Mars1 will all take place on one of the developer's lands. For Mars1 and Mars2, the lands used will be selected and generated using the same pipeline that all lands will be generated from. Mars1 and Mars2 will allow players to see effectively what their lands will be like and the quality of it from the land chosen as the generation system for the lands will not change.

Don’t have Mars NFT yet? Visit the virtual Mars to pick your spot for the future!

Demo Version Of Mars1: Will Take Place On One OF The Developer's Lands

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