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Employ your vehicle, mine resources, and earn from Mars4

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Survival on Mars isn't easy. It is crucial to have enough resources to manufacture food-growing systems, oxygen generators and other essential tools. In fact, a colonist would not stand a chance of survival if they did not have a station on Mars.

With the release of the mining game on the Mars Control Center (MCC), players have a chance to reap the resources found within their lands that can be later used in the game or even traded via the P2P market.


How do resources work on the MCC?

Every land plot of Mars4 has 6 resource slots. All of these slots have hidden resources. To uncover the potential of any land, you must use Mars4 vehicle NFTs. If you don’t have a vehicle yourself, you can employ other players that own one.

Later on, vehicles can mine these resources as NFTs. As resources are needed for your survival on Mars, you could potentially trade and sell them in the peer-to-peer market.

Due to its onboard survey suite, the Caripen GPRV is the best vehicle for surveying lands, while the Karkanda excels at mining.

Resources in MCC vs 3D game

If you have already tried the game, you will know that you can mine resources directly in the game.

The main difference between discovering resources in the game and through MCC is that in-game resources will not appear in your inventory as NFTs, so you will not be able to trade them with other players yet.

How to start exploring and mining resources?

Exploration and mining is already live on MCC.

To start mining resources, you need a land plot and a vehicle. Later on, you will be able to rent out vehicles to and from other players, but for now, this mechanic has not been launched yet.

Instructions on how to explore and mine resources can be found in the whitepaper.


Right now you can purchase a land plot with 30% off. To start exploring your land, get yourself a Caripen GPRV with 10% off.

Keep in mind that the Caripen GPRV is excellent for exploring your lands but is not as efficient for mining. The best vehicle for mining is the Karkanda which will be launched soon.

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